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Indoo Ki Jawani(2020)- Review

Silly comedies with irrational storylines and frivolous scenes have come to the forefront of Bollywood comedies since the early 2000s. As illogical as they are not many would deny they end up being extremely funny too. With films like Bhagam Bhag, Garam Masala, Hera Pheri, Bheja Fry, Golmaal are some of these well-known comedies that will be cherished for years to come. But very few films in recent times have been able to replicate these films’ content or even their success. With Indoo Ki Jawani Netflix is attempting to do just this.

Starring as the lead in Indoo Ki Jawani Kiara Advani takes the role of title character Indira Gupta, a young, shy & conservative girl, nonetheless very bold, who lives in Ghaziabad with her parents. Being as pretty as she is there is never a doubt of her turning heads, with more than a few admirers of her. While there are always eyes on her she is yet to be smitten by her knight in shining armor. For the past year, she thought Satish her boyfriend was the one, but that story didn’t have a happy ending when Indoo denied his invitation to take their relationship to the next level, and him ultimately cheating on her. Lonely and depressed her friend Sonal (Mallika Dua) suggests she try online dating. Hesitant, after finding a suitor Indoo invites him to her house when her parents won’t be home. With this, she finds Samar (Aditya Seal) on her doorstep and lets him in. Little did she know her night is going to be tossed upside down with chaos & confusion.

One good thing about such Indian comedies is that the viewer knows not to use their head and just enjoy the messy story playing out. Messy as it is there still needs to be an effort to make a story. The writers of Indoo Ki Jawani movie surely don’t mishandle this part. Debutant Abir Sengupta too doesn’t call for any criticism with his directing. Finally, Kiara Advani is also satisfactory not great but meeting standards nonetheless.

Now here is the part that will explain why the movie isn’t that great. First, the infusion of songs as always is unnecessary not adding any value, and are not even placed well in the movie. The movie tries to mimic famous brands by not directly mentioning them but using homophones, initially they are silly giving a small chuckle, but by the end they get annoying. Further, there are too many characters that don’t have any relevance. There is too much room for improvement in the dialogues that should have been utilized to overcome the movie’s shortcomings.

So, to conclude it is not the best of comedies that will make the audiences begging for more. At best it is to be seen only if you are short of choices. It has the potential to give a few laughs but very few indeed. After Indoo Ki Jawani Netflix should realize that they need to make content to entertain and not just for the sake of giving new content.

Acting- 6

Casting- 5

Cinematography- 6

Dialogue- 4.5

Directing- 7

Editing & Effects- 6

Sound & Music- 6.5

Story- 5.5

Storytelling- 5

Rating- 6

Available on: Netflix




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