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The Incomparable Lovable Mess That Is ‘Nailed It’

Don’t mess up the buttercream!…and add lots of it!

Image Credit-Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube.

Nailed It is primarily a baking competition show on Netflix. They also have shows for different locations: Mexico, France, Spain, America & Germany as well as specials such as the holiday special. The American show is more popular with 5 seasons and the 6th one is out now.

The American show is hosted by comedian, actress, author, and podcaster, Nicole Byer and the head judge is the renowned pastry chef and chocolatier, Jacques Torres.

The show centers on amateur bakers, often three, to participate for the ultimate prize of $10,000.

Before the competition begins, we get backgrounds and the reasons people would like to participate in the game or win the grand prize. It is given in a confessional format with other side remarks as it is also, reality TV.

A guest judge is also included in the show. This makes three judges for each episode: Jacques Torres, Nicole Byer, and the guest judge. The guest judges could be from different backgrounds chosen to assist in judging the contestants' work as well as contribute with their personality.

Image Credit-Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube.

Each episode is slightly over 30 minutes. There are two rounds.

The first round is called Baker’s Choice. The bakers pick what they would like to create from the options given. They literally run to get them. This could be the beginning of their loosening up to calm down and have fun. They are often questioned as to why they picked the one they chose, requiring answers to their thought process.

In this round the winner gets the coveted golden Nailed it hat and a prize. The prize could vary from several cooking aids to cooking items. This serves as encouragement for the next and final round which is the true test for the $10,000 because you’re expected to forget the first round.

Image Credit-Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube.

However, seeing the previous winner in their golden hat would not make it easy to forget. This round is called Nail it or Fail it. It is more difficult but provides offered assistance for 3 minutes at the press of a panic button. The person that struggled more than others in the first round often gets an advantage button in addition to the panic button. Some advantage buttons include: Nicole Nags-it requires Nicole to visit the other contestants to chatter and disturb their efficient workflow, a freeze button that stops the others from doing anything for 3 minutes while the contestant continues, etc. Some can be extra special such as in the Marvel episode, the advantage button required the other contestants to answer Marvel questions before returning to their work and another was to successfully lasso a cactus in a western episode. All of these should be done within a time frame, usually 3 minutes.

Image Credit-Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube.

The guest judges have been great and work well with Nicole and Jacques. We also get Wes, that brings the Nailed it trophy (which is also a prize when winning the $10,000) each time. This is kind of a running thing as some are more entertaining than others. The show is quite comfortable to watch and to probably participate in when you’re not running against time. Nicole is often so nice to the contestants. She encourages them saying she likes their creation, it’s for her or it’s amazing. This helps boost the morale of stressed contestants after trying their best. Another running thing is Nicole’s creative new names and titles for Jacques. The show is imperfectly perfect with the hosts, guest hosts, encouragements, etc. We have seen moments that would expectedly be edited out but just made it better including references to the prompter and confusion with lines.

The editing becomes more hilarious revisiting moments and emphasizing things. Their frosted tips serve as hilarious guides and warnings to the audience. As I kept watching, I was glad to see some changes such as the photo quality of the selfie they all take at the end. I am often confused about the criteria for the judging because sometimes the taste might be more important than the look and vice versa. Although, you get so many different personalities and different types of creativity. The things on the show don’t look easy and most definitely won’t be, especially for amateur or basic bakers. Jacques tells us how to do it correctly or how he would do it but it’s honestly interesting watching people improvise to mimic the look of their model cake.

Video Credit- Netflix on YouTube.

I believe the show is less about making you test your limits and more about encouraging you to try new things. It is a truthful show, comfortable tv, hilarious and critical too.

If there’s one thing I can’t forget, don’t mess up the buttercream! Also, let the cake cool before adding LOTS of it.

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Video Credit-Netflix on YouTube.



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