Timeline in Unity

Timeline is an animation track that allows us to add and animate a timelined events. Such events can be audio, animation, camera movement, etc.

To create a timeline, go to “Window->Timeline”

Then, according to the previous director’s note, we need to go from the over_the_shoulder shot to the mid_shot. To do that, we need to create a timeline asset.

After that, create a cinemachine track and add the Cinemachine brain to it by drag the main camera into the empty slot, and add two cinemachine shot clips to the timeline corresponding to the previously created two virtual cameras.

Now, we can switch between the camera shots using the timeline.

The next step is to add the animation track to the timeline to integrate the animation with the camera switch.

The next step is to pan the virtual camera according to the director note.

That covers the basics of using the timeline in Unity to create the desired animation.




Using cinematography for a 3D stealth game

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