Intro Cutscene: Animate Look at Security Cameras

In this animation, we will pan around the security cameras.

The clip ends around 39: 41sec.

  1. Create an animation track and assign CM Look at Security Cameras

2. Key the first frame by adjusting the pos and rotation a bit, around Pos (3.74, 6.65, -53.94) & Rotation (-13.542, 145.32, 0)

3. Pan around and key the nextframe at around Pos (-6.978, 10.919, -63.765) & Rotation (8.632, 109.252, 0)

Then it will cut to the next clip (CM Darren Anything else, ends around 43:57 sec), which is a static shot, and again, some noise can be added to make it more alive.



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