Intro Cutscene: Creating Cinematic Cuts

Select the “Intro_Cutscene” game object and create a Timeline, name it as “Intro_Timeline.playable”.

Remove the Animator Component (as it is not necessary) and delete it from the Timeline editor tab (select and hit delete).

  1. Create an animation track, add Actors to it.
  2. Add “StartLevelCutsceneAnimation”

3. Increase Darren (Actor) scale to (3, 3, 3)

4. Add Cinemachine Brain to the Timeline by dragging the “Main Camera” to the Timeline editor tab, and select “Cinemachine Track”

5. From the “Cinemachine Track”, create “Cinemachine Shot Clip” for each of the virtual CM created previously.

In total, there are 14 cinemachine shots.



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