Intro Cutscene: Polish

As of now, the voice-over is shorter than the clips. To make them align with each other:

  1. At 2:40 sec, the second clip should end;
  2. Extend the 3rd clip to 9:00 sec
  3. Extend the 4th clip to 15:05 sec
  4. Shorten the Darrent Anything else clip to 39:98 sec
  5. For the sleeping guard clip, drag the first animation frame to around 40 sec
  6. End the sleeping guard clip to 48:56 sec
  7. Move the ending frame to 47:43 sec
  8. Blend the next security card clip
  9. Blend the vault clip to the previous security card clip
  10. End the vault clip at 53:40 sec
  11. Extend the last clip till the end
  12. Add noise to the last clip to make it less still



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