Lining up Audio & Visual to Build Cutscenes in Unity

With the scenes set up, this post will add a voice over track to make it alive.

  1. Create an empty game object, named as Audio, and child it under Intro Cutscene.
  2. Create another two empty game objects: VO (voice over) & Music, child them under Audio. (Each cutscene will have the Audio child to host the audios)
  3. Add Audio source components to VO & Music

4. In the Intro Cutscene timeline, add an Audio Track. Rename it to Voice Over

5. Drag the Intro_Cutscene_Dialogue from the project assets to the Voice Over audio track; then, add VO to the track as the Audio Source.

6. Follow the same process and create the Background Music to the timeline.

7. Organize the audio tracks in another Track Group



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