Saoirse Ronan’s Upcoming Films

After not appearing in any films in 2016, Saoirse Ronan is coming back with a vengeance in 2017.

Let’s start this off properly. It’s pronounced Saoirse, like inertia. She is a deeply underrated actress who in reality is a powerhouse. Her 2015 Oscar nomination for the universally acclaimed Brooklyn might have been a shock to those who didn’t know her work, but to her fans it was a given.

After taking a break in 2016 to star in The Crucible on Broadway (honestly can you even call that a break?), Ronan has returned to the cinema. According to IMDb, Ronan is schedule to star in four films in 2017 (with two more coming in 2018) and with such variety as these three, it’s hard not to compare.

Lady Bird

Having just come off of Loving Vincent this past month, Ronan stars in a coming of age film about a girl, who named herself Lady Bird, living in Northern California. Lady Bird, the directorial debut of Greta Gerwig, is currently tearing up the festival circuit ever since it premiered at Telluride in early September. It has received numerous standing ovations at each festival and it currently holds a 100% on RottenTomatoes by the critics. One of the big reasons why the film is gaining so much acclaim is because of Ronan’s performance. She’s sharp, odd and brash. Within the first 30 seconds of the film’s trailer she’s barrel rolled out of her mother’s car.

What’s perfect about this role for Ronan is that it departs from the prim and proper roles she’s played in the past. Here, Lady Bird is a girl who hates where she is but in reality doesn’t know where she’d go if she could. She captures the terrifying frustration of feeling stuck in your life, all wrapped up in pink hair.

On Chesil Beach

This movie is adapted by the author of the 2007 novella On Chesil Beach. Set in England in the early 1960s, a honeymooning couple dramatically splits the first day after their marriage. The marriage crumbles due to sexual appetites of the couple: Florence, played by Ronan, having none. The film follows the now separate pair, comparing how their lives might of played out.

These are films that Ronan thrives in. She has such a grasp on complicated emotions, even as a child in Atonement. She knows how to portray depth and an indie film like this is where she shines. There’s a dreamy quality to the text, and she’s great at expanding on something so simple as tone, as she did in Brooklyn.

The Seagull

For the upcoming movie adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s famous play The Seagull, Ronan plays the young innocent neighbor of a frankly messed up family. The story is all subtext and skirting around the bigger issues and relies heavily on a stellar ensemble. Considered one of Chekhov’s major pieces of work, it’s been done and redone in a variety of different ways.

I think this’ll be Ronan’s best work. If her work in Brooklyn earned her an Oscar nom, this movie could earn her the win. This character seems like an easy play, but it’s so deeper than that. This role combines what Ronan is good at, and what she’s capable of. She’s got the innocent and charming down, what she’s capable of is diving into a character that demands all an actor’s focus.

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