The Ins and Outs of Louisiana TV Commercial Film Credit Programs

Here at FBT Film & Entertainment, we have a wide array of resources to help you create your commercial all while maximizing your Louisiana spend, and can help to connect you with many local vendors, workers and crews. Here you can learn a bit more about production credits for commercials and the commercials we have helped create thus far.

Production Credits for Commercials

Everyone knows that Louisiana has earned it’s title as “Hollywood of the South” and that is, at least in part, because of production-friendly tax incentive programs designed specifically the entertainment community.

Film tax credits are taxpayer’s dollars which will offset a portion of your Louisiana tax liability. These tax credits are obtainable through a trusted financial institution, such as FBT Film & Entertainment. There are two types of credits:

  1. Investor Tax Credit, which creates a transferable credit equal to 30% of the investment greater than $300,000 for all Louisiana based production expenses.
  2. Labor Tax Credit, which provides an extra 5% tax credit. This is assessed based on the total payroll of Louisiana residents employed by the production.

Unique Locations & Unmatched Local Talent

If you are looking for a locale for a commercial, you can’t go wrong with the state of Louisiana, with its beautiful wilderness, exceptional architecture and diverse population. The track record of commercials filmed in Louisiana document that filming here will be a great experience for your production.

Additionally, Louisiana has developed a world class infrastructure when it comes to film and commercial productions. From sound stages to digital editing, trucks and logistics to catering and everything in between, our local connections are ready to make your commercial production as smooth as possible.

FBT Commercial Gallery

We have worked with huge brands like Dell and Kraft to help them to complete successful commercial productions. Other commercial clients include: Popeye’s, McDonald’s, and

If you are interested in making a commercial here in the state of Louisiana, we are here to help. You simply can’t put a price on the connections, network of friends and associates, and advice that we can offer to you.

Are you Qualified for Commercial Tax Credits?

You are qualified to receive a tax credit incentive if your production meet these 2 criteria:

  • It is Louisiana based production
  • It is organized under an LLC and using local banks and residents.

How can We Help?

We don’t just help. We are committed to you and the success of your production. You are not a tax expert, you are an artistic producer or director. Therefore, you need someone to help you through the paperwork and red tape associated with any type of government funded program. That’s what we are here for. Tax credits are our job, and we take them seriously.

We appreciate your interest in Louisiana as a production site, and your interest in FBT Film and Entertainment. We can’t wait to chat with you soon and discuss how we can help you make your commercial. Contact us today!

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