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Acid Test (2021): 1992 Riot Grrrl still rings true after 30 years

Actress Juliana DeStefano as Jenny in Acid Test (2021). Photo: Reproduction
Giant Kitty band incorporates the riot grrrl aesthetics and motto but adapted them to today’s political demands, although some of them remain the same. Photo: Reproduction
Jenny and her best friend, Drea (Mai Le) read the 1991 Riot Grrrl manifesto.
Above Jenny’s collages on the wall, there’s a kind of porcelain portrait of a girl and it’s interesting to see this contrast between the idea of what a perfect girl is and the rebel girl messages. It’s as if they work together as a unique collage. Photo: Reproduction
Being a Latina watching Acid Test was very relatable because of some aspects of my reality and not all riot grrrl stories are the same, of course. The movie’s depth made me feel like I was watching the closest to what could be my story. I feel that all riot grrrls and ghouls should watch it in order to learn about other realities, to feel nostalgic, and of course, to keep carrying riot grrrl forward because our times still demand much of its feminist fury and culture.



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