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Lydia Lunch: The War Is Never Over (2019) — Portrait of a warrior on fire

Photo: Annie Sprinkle
14-year-old proto-goth Lydia Lunch circa 1973. Photo: Her official Facebook page.
Lydia Lunch, photo by Eugene Merinov, Max’s Kansas City, NYC, 1978. Lydia would play her guitar with things like glass and experiment with new sounds. She defied the assumption that men are the only ones who innovate in guitar playing.
Lydia Lunch on the front cover of the 1979 Teenage Jesus compilation. She penned the song ‘Babydoll’ that seems to be about the abuse she suffered and it surely inspired Hole’s Pretty on the inside (which features a song of the same name) in many ways. Photo: Reproduction
One of the best album covers by women artists, without a doubt! Photo: George DuBose
Harry Crews. Photo: Reproduction
Nick Cave and Lydia’s collab timeline can be found here. Photo by ookami_dou
In 1982, Lydia and punk icon Exene Cervenka from the band X released a book of poems called Adulterers Anonymous and in 1995, the spoken word record Rude Hieroglyphics. Photo: David Arnoff
Beth B and Lydia Lunch Photo: Curt Hoppe
Seven months ago I recorded an edition of my radio show, Cidade das Mulheres, on Lydia’s career. You can hear it here.
In 2019, Lunch began a podcast named The Lydian Spin, which she hosts weekly with her Retrovirus bassist, Tim Dahl. Listen to the episodes here.



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