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Avoid Scams — CIOReview

Door-to-Door Sales

People with compelling stories will come to your door selling magazine subscriptions for an honest cause, like money for school , getting to camp, or maybe a non-profit organization sort of a hospital. The subscription’s cost is basically high and sometimes times you’ll not get what you purchased . The people selling the magazines can also get scammed with false promises of easy sales and high payouts.

Telemarketing Calls

Telemarketers will call and trick you into paying for expensive multi-year magazine packages. they’re going to pretend to call from the magazine company and say that you simply won an enormous prize (such as a $1,000 gift card or luxury watch), or are entitled to “bonus” magazines, or a lower payment or credit. To receive the prize, bonus, or credit, you’ve got to verify or provide your personal and financial information and participate during a tape-recorded “verification” of the order. The scammers will then change the recording or the terms of the offer. once you don’t get what you were promised, they’re going to use the recordings to force you to pay.
Tips to Avoid Magazine Scams

Here are a couple of tips to avoid being ripped off.

Do Not Purchase Any Magazines Through Salespeople. don’t provide solicitors together with your personal or financial information. Many of those companies refuse to cancel people’s packages, which may cause mastercard disputes, debt collection actions, and even fraud . the businesses can also sell or trade your information to other companies, which could lead on to more high-pressure telemarketing calls.

Read the Fine Print. check out any “renewal” notice carefully, including the fine print and therefore the name of the sender. Often times these notices identify, in small, hard-to-read print, that the notice may be a solicitation from a 3rd party company. If you are doing plan to buy a magazine subscription, confirm to invite and skim the terms of the agreement. Sales persons will often misrepresent the value and cancellation terms.

Contact the Publisher Directly. once you receive a “renewal” invoice, contact the publisher on to find out whether the notice is genuine. Confirm the value to renew a subscription. don’t trust the telephone number listed on the notice, but search the phonephone number on the publisher’s website or on the magazine itself.

Find Out When Your Magazine Subscription Ends. To avoid renewing your subscription before you would like or got to , check your receipts to seek out out when your magazine subscription ends. you’ll even be ready to find this information on the mailing label of the magazine.

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