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Top Enterprise Performance Management Solution Companies

List of Top Companies Providing Enterprise Performance Management Solutions

Enterprise performance management (EPM):

Enterprise performance management (EPM) may be a field of business performance management which considers the visibility of operations during a closed-loop model across all facets of the enterprise. Specific to financial activities within the office of the chief treasurer , EPM also supports financial planning and analysis (FP&A). “Corporate performance management (CPM)” may be a synonym for “enterprise performance management”. Gartner has officially retired the concept of, “CPM” and reclassified into, “financial planning and analysis (FP&A)” and, “financial close” to reflect two significant trends — increased specialise in planning, and therefore the emergence of a replacement category of solutions supporting the management of the financial close.

There are several domains within the EPM field which are driven by corporate initiatives, academic research, and commercial approaches. These include:

Strategy formulation
Business planning and forecasting
Financial management
Supply chain effectiveness
Based on the mission and vision of a corporation , different strategic needs may drive how EPM domains are leveraged and promoted within a corporation . for instance , knowledgeable services firm based in Canada may view the necessity to possess effective and transparent supply chain operations very differently from a clothing manufacturer with operations throughout the planet . what’s common within the EPM approach is that the closed-loop EPM process model advocated by Kaplan and Norton[vague] and their management approaches to strategy formulation, including balanced scorecard and strategy map techniques.

The four domains, or disciplines, mentioned above exist to define and canopy the six stages of the closed-loop EPM process model. The six stages of the closed-loop EPM process model are: strategy development, strategy translation, organization alignment, operations planning, learning and monitoring, and testing and adaptation.

With time, modern organizations should relook their way of managing operations to stay competitive within the market also as continue with the emerging technologies. Their operations are often effective with smart strategies, intelligent information management systems, and customised technologies for planning, consolidation, and reporting. Enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions aid a corporation in monitoring business performance and achieving set goals. EPM tackles a full range of budgeting, forecasting, and planning challenges with cloud apps that aim to deal with Excel-based EPM shortcomings within the areas of sales, human resource, and operations. As organizations during this era of digital disruption got to be nimble, cloud technologies offer the agility to adapt to changing conditions rapidly. Thus, EPM within the cloud goes far beyond cost savings, putting a business on a competitive footing.

Moving to the cloud has enabled organizations to innovate and adopt best practices like forecasting, driver-based planning, and faster reporting to disseminate standardized best practices across a corporation , resulting in higher productivity and performance. Besides, best practice becomes a well-organized toolbox within the cloud era that’s continually upgraded with the newest features. The cloud customers enjoy access to the foremost current technologies like AI (AI) and machine learning. Imbibing these latest technologies into EPM products is further enriching its capabilities, and at an equivalent time, making the tasks easier for the organizations. Machine learning algorithms help decision-makers with quality information associated with rate of interest , runoff, and rate of growth . On the opposite hand, AI learns from past predictions and continuously improves the accuracy of the forecasting.

Further, most organizations are investing in IoT to analyzing data collected from connected devices. Facilitating seamless access to diverse data, IoT helps in automating the workflow processes throughout the organization. By deploying an organization-wide EPM platform, companies are effectively collapsing informational data silos while connecting strategic, financial, and operational goals. When operating from one source of truth, businesses can increase forecasting frequency, while streamlining the processes of designing , budgeting, and reporting.

List of Top Enterprise Performance Management Solution Companies


The company is a global software company that empowers mid-sized to large organizations to evaluate, manage, and continually improve business performance by providing an out-of-the-box business management platform that adapts to client’s unique business model. The company offers complete solution that is easy to use and manage, regardless of data availability, data exception handling, business rules or navigation. Corporater offers its capabilities beyond simple measurement and analytics. Corporater KPI Manager has become an integrated part of how its clients run their businesses through measuring, managing and driving performance by placing their business at the forefront of KPI design


With the largest installed base of financial decision support and budgeting solutions for healthcare facilities, the company is an industry leader in integrated healthcare decision analytics, budgeting, and planning solutions. The company’s holistic approach includes capital management, operational budgeting, strategic planning, cost accounting, labor productivity, and decision support modules. Each component contributes to faster identification of fundamental business issues and helps avoid costly missteps. Together with that, the suite provides industry-leading innovation for enterprise-wide perspective of business processes. EPSi overcomes the challenge of a non-integrated and disjointed healthcare system through a consolidated database solution combining patients, encounters, products and service lines together to deliver a single view of performance for executives, managers, and analysts

Optimization Partners

Optimization Partners assist in analyzing data with their machine learning algorithms to influence purchasing decisions. It is governed by a mission to enable brand owners and manufacturers to fight and win against the robotic algorithms that dominate e-commerce platforms in this new retail world. In an ambitious bid to help small to medium-sized business and enterprise clients innovate and solve their most pressing issues and optimize their sales and profits, optimization partners specialize in PR, marketing, sales, and e-commerce, by empowering customers with AI-powered technology platforms, solutions, and predictive analytics


SPA provides an integrated sales and pricing analytics platform, along with performance skills training to help sales teams in adding greater value for their customers and also for complex companies of all types: manufacturing, distribution, equipment, services, and software or technology products. Since its establishment in 1993, SPA’s proprietary analytics platform is helping companies convert their own invoice data into pricing architectures that develops their pricing performance and aids them attain a competitive position. SPA’s clients apply pricing architecture and improve sales by 2 to 4 percent of sales and they are typically accomplished in less than 90 days

CFO Solutions

We help clients define business processes, determine the right technology solution, create a solution roadmap, and implement and support the vision


Emtec partners with the world’s leading technology providers to deliver innovative, scalable, reliable and secure solutions


As an Enterprise Performance Management tool, Fathom is an easy-to-use management reporting and financial analysis device which helps to assess business performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities. It makes business insights easy. Fathom is perfect for accountants and advisors who seek to deliver more frequent and more engaging advisory and management reporting services. The tool is also great for business owners who are willing to improve business performance. Fathom seamlessly integrates with Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB, and allows transforming the accounting data into accounting intelligence. Over 10,000 businesses and advisors trust Fathom with their businesses


FloQast is close management software built by accountants for accountants so that they can close the books faster and more accurately. The team has built FloQast to easily integrate with the client’s existing systems and checklists seamlessly. It aims to work the way an organization does with increased visibility & centralization for every month-end close. It helps to manage all the moving parts of the accounting team by connecting people, process, documents, and reconciliations in the cloud. FloQast allows seeing what’s completed, past due, or outstanding from a single dashboard at any time during the close

Host Analytics

Host Analytics is the leading provider of scalable, cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions. They help to finance teams, automate their financial planning, consolidation, and get work done faster, make fewer mistakes. It helps to utilize more time to do value-added analysis and drive alignment across the organization. The result is an organization that adapts quickly, stays aligned, and ahead of the competition. The company helps to automate the everyday processes to accelerate insights and shorten the time it takes to turn those insights into action, resulting in agile and efficient working


insightsoftware is on a mission to help companies turn their financial and operational data into better business outcomes that drive growth and ROI. Through their innovative, turn-key reporting and performance management solutions, insightsoftware provides users with real-time access to data-driven insights in an efficient, cost-effective, and secure manner. The company has the experience and flexibility to help business leaders unlock the power of their business data so they can understand, manage, and optimize their business with ease. The team never compromises on the integrity and works with respect, transparency, and the best of intent

John Galt Solutions

John Galt offers get-it-done, cost-effective, and flexible supply chain planning solutions for growing mid-market companies. Their solutions allow the client company to increase forecast accuracy, enhance collaboration, and optimize inventory throughout the entire end-to-end supply chain. John Galt provides a wide range of affordable, supply chain planning solutions, including ForecastX and Atlas Planning Suite. The company focuses on secure implementations, and scalable solutions have earned us more than 6,000 happy customers globally and a benchmark-verified title as the industry leader in customer satisfaction

Longview Solutions

Longview makes enterprise software that drives competitive advantages for Finance and Tax teams. Hundreds of thousands of business leaders from Global 2000 companies, operating in more than 150 countries, leverage Longview daily to make strategic and immediate business decisions with confidence. As Enterprise Performance Management computer software, it drives speed, accuracy, and productivity while delivering critical insights from vast and disparate data points. The company elevates planning, budgeting, forecasting, tax reporting, analytics, and financial close from data collection and validation to strategic business processes. With the recent merge with Tidemark, the art and science of corporate planning came together


OneCloud create connections to the most popular performance management, business intelligence and system of record applications

OneStream Software

For Finance and IT executives in sophisticated, global organizations having planning and reporting processes are limited by reliance on legacy software and spreadsheets. OneStream provides a unified, extensible CPM platform that allows them to modernize finance and reduce complexity in the cloud or on-premise. The company simplifies and aligns consolidation, planning, reporting, and data quality processes across the enterprise, and allows customers to extend their investment through a marketplace of pre-built solutions and utilities. OneStream Software enables Finance and IT professionals to “get back to business” by spending less time managing systems and integration


Signavio enables organizations to keep up with the pace, volume, and complexity of change. Their Business Transformation Suite is the smarter way to translate between strategy and execution continuously. The company was created; to serve as a signpost for workflows, processes, and decisions. Its Suite allows businesses to take the strategies they develop to reach objectives like customer excellence, operational improvement, business excellence, and digital transformation into execution. Signavio Business Transformation Suite, the cloud-based software for the intersectional collaborative process and decision management, offers companies a way to orient themselves in times of constant change


Provider of the leading Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution for today’s mid-market enterprise and the company is at the forefront of CPM technology with deep ERP integrations

Stonehill Innovation

A strategy and innovation consulting firm that leverages design thinking and business intelligence to enable corporate transformation


Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance, HR, and planning. Founded in 2005, the company delivers financial management, human capital management, and analytics applications designed for the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and government agencies. Workday helps organizations in all industries achieve extraordinary success. Irrespective of the organization size, their cloud-based ERP system gives a deep insight into your business and the ability to adapt to change. It helps to save time and reduce errors with a single intelligent business planning solution. The company also improves business collaboration with integrated workflow and process management


Workiva, the leading cloud provider of connected reporting and compliance solutions, is used by thousands of enterprises across 180 countries and by government agencies


XLerant provides a cloud-based budgeting, forecasting, and reporting solution for small to mid-sized organizations, designed for the needs of finance teams and budget managers. The company’s non-Excel interface engages budget managers and empowers them to make informed decisions to help achieve strategic objectives. Its’s robust software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution has been recognized for outstanding usability, customer service, and ease of implementation. XLerant offers a full suite of integrated modules built into BudgetPak that ensure ease-of-use, a flexible budgeting process for department managers. The tools developed are specifically for the need of finance, and all with minimal or no IT intervention

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List of Top Companies Providing Enterprise Performance Management Solutions



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