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Top FinTech Companies

List of Top FinTech Solution, Service/Consulting Companies

Financial technology, often shortened to fintech, is that the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods within the delivery of monetary services. it’s an emerging industry that uses technology to enhance activities in finance. the utilization of smartphones for mobile banking, investing services, and cryptocurrency are samples of technologies getting to make financial services more accessible to the overall public. Financial technology companies contains both startups and established financial institutions and technology companies trying to exchange or enhance the usage of monetary services provided by existing financial companies.

Technology has propelled the financial sector to great heights. Innovations that dawn upon the space beam the sunshine of transparency and efficiency on end consumers and enterprises alike. Thriving crypto currency networks supported the revolutionary block chain technology could at some point redefine financial transaction as we all know it. the approaching of AI has laid new focus in areas like client contextualization, operational efficiency, and risk mitigation. to form the communication factor better, the evolution of Chatbots has shown promising results that would potentially change the way the FinTech landscape is being perceived. Also, the abominable effect of security threats has led to organizations doubling up their stance on the safety front. The year 2018 is predicted to ascertain more financial giants releasing apps for better access and communication.

To assist businesses in choosing an accomplished partner, we have compiled a list of Top 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers taking significant strides in the industry. We hope this edition of CIOReview helps you build a partnership your organization needs to excel in this competitive landscape.

CIOReview’ Top FinTech Companies



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