Command Centre

Written by Jolyon Parsons

The contact centre wallboard has come a long way from those old one size fits all dot matrix displays with the call centre queue time counting the seconds in red dot matrix.

Although they do still have their place, there are new opportunities to get creative and think about upgrading wallboards to be part of your “Business Command Centre”. A single place to view customer contact and outcomes from across the organisation….

Agile, cloud technology (and yes, APIs) are making it easier to bring to life business data which was traditionally difficult to get onto “real time” display. Information lived in silos between departments.

For example, traditional “time to answer” is being replaced with “Voice of the Customer”, real time statistics based on post call survey feedback and new Key Performance (KPI) language of CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CES (Customer Effort Score).

Sales figures which may have previously been in isolation of the contact centre and can be linked to real time activity, social media sentiment and web chat volumes.

Digital contact means changing contact profiles throughout the day, and is equally as important as calls volumes. Digital Marketing expects to rollout promotions in real time and see the impact as it happens.

Some businesses are creating special rooms to house their command centre but perhaps the humble contact centre wallboard is the place to start. New tools allow sales data to be shown in real time and link together with say agent call profiles and performance: trends are be easier to pick up on, for example the correlation between a rise in web hits and an increase in call volumes. Big Data projects may be underway, but the chances are there are some quick wins you can start on now and share this with other department or management teams. You can set displays depending on the audience.

You may have the budget to build a flight deck, but before then start shaking up the old wallboards with a view of the command centre.

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