Moving Away From the Prehistoric Era of Communications — 3 Reasons to Upgrade to Hosted VoIP

Written by Elizabeth Jenkins

Legacy phone systems are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, leaving hosted VoIP services to prevail. Many businesses are now finding themselves stuck with outdated systems, often facing expensive maintenance costs and ‘clunky’ tech that can no longer be replaced by the manufacturer. With BT’s planned withdrawal of ISDN by 2025, moving over 3.2 million ISDN lines over to VoIP, as well as the predicted rise of cloud telephony sales to $13.25 billion in 2019 by Gartner, cloud domination really is on the horizon.

Unsure if your business should upgrade to VoIP? Here are 3 reasons why you should scrap your premise-based telephony system for good:

1. Increased Scalability

When using traditional systems such as analog/PRI phone service vendors adding another line can be a painful process — the time spent battling with customer service and scheduling installation is ineffective and costly. However, VoIP cuts out the uphill battle, enabling the addition of phone lines within a few clicks from your management portal — take the Apollo online portal tool as an example. The intuitive control panel gives you full control, enabling you to manage your telephony in real-time. The flexibility of VoIP enables businesses to cope with fluctuations in staffing, enabling users to add, reassign or remove lines where necessary.

2. Reduced Costs

Perhaps the greatest benefit of hosted VoIP is the cost. Unlike traditional systems, there are no on-going maintenance charges involved, in addition to lower installation costs. With the use of a fixed per-user costing structure, predicting exactly what you’ll be paying each month is a straightforward process. Particularly if your business makes a great deal of international calls, hosted VoIP systems reduce costs immensely, this being due to the fact that the majority of the call travels over the Internet as opposed to a PSTN (public switched telephone network) circuits.

3. Self-control

A useful feature offered by hosted VoIP solutions are ePortals or online management systems, all of which allows you to stay in control and have access to your telephony system 24/7. With an internet connection, you will no longer be tethered to your office desk to manage communications, controlling the hosted system wherever you may be. Forwards calls, manage lines and view call logs on multiple devices, including laptops, PCs, tablets, mobiles, etc.

Ready to make the switch?

Apollo (powered by Ciptex) offers a well-established VoIP platform suited to business communications. Visit to learn more, or contact one of our dedicated representatives to see how you could benefit from a hosted VoIP service on 0345 8800 808.

Elizabeth, DevOps Engineer Ciptex

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