CIR Special Report: Redemption Songs

How does a child survive war and enter the civilian world?

Redemption Songs

How 12 children scarred by Congo wars are learning to cope in adulthood

A girl forced into sex slavery becomes a young woman learning…

Redemption Songs: Portraits

They survived. Now a fragile peace is coming to the Congo, and 12 children of war train for the fight of their lives.

Redemption Songs: Portraits in Black and White

Abducted as sex slaves; soldiers by force and by choice: A dozen scarred in childhood by Congo’s wars remember, in…

“In my dreams, sometimes I see people shooting people.”

James Black, fleeing from two rebel groups (Redemption Songs No. 1)

For James Black, it was…

“There is no trust.” 

Mugoli Shukuru, forced to become commander’s wife (Redemption Songs No. 2)

At 19, Mugoli Shukuru wears blue coveralls to work…

“It’s like I’m watching a film of what happened to me.”

Gode Musore, indoctrinated to be a killer (Redemption Songs No. 3)

Gode Musore, who just…

“There was a mattress on the ground. It was every day and whenever they wanted.”

Brigitte Bazibuhe, abducted into sex slavery (Redemption Songs No. 4)

“If I don’t get an education, I think I will go back.” 

Vainqueur Faida, the perfect spy (Redemption Songs No. 5)

Vainqueur Faida doesn’t attract a…

“I was not afraid to die because I saw death so near me.”

Namegabe Baguma, no longer afraid to die (Redemption Songs No. 6)

Namegabe Baguma lost two…

“We saw there was no other way.”

Nsii Maombi, tempted by militia life (Redemption Songs No. 7) 

For Nsii Maombi, the transition to civilian life has…

“If I was able to get a job, I would never think of going back to the militia.”

Saddam Balingine, performer of magic rituals (Redemption Songs No. 8)

“I thought I was going to die.”

Tatiana Lola, escaped sex slavery (Redemption Songs No. 9)

In the Congo, rape is a weapon of war.
Tatiana Lola is one…

“All you can do is pray to God.” 

Didier Asumani, safer being a soldier (Redemption Songs No. 10)

Kidnapped at 13 and forced to join a rebel army…

“It was just like deciding to commit suicide.”

Nathalie Kasaki Banyanga, mama quartermaster (Redemption Songs No. 11)

Nathalie Kasaki Banyanga was 12…

“The gun was normal for me. Just one minute and I was ready to shoot.”  

Raphael Mutimanwa, following his father’s path (Redemption Songs No. 12)

CIR Special Report: Redemption Songs
CIR Special Report: Redemption Songs

How does a child survive war and enter the civilian world?

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