Get Invested — Why Waterloo Region is a Great Place for You to Invest Your Dollars

Have you been thinking of investing in real estate? What better place than Waterloo Region — a community that is thriving in tech, has an innovative infrastructure and a diverse culture. Your dollars could buy more than four walls and up-to-date fixtures — it could empower a community of thriving individuals and game-changers, just like you.

Known as the tech capital of Canada, Waterloo Region is home to Christie Digital, OpenText, Vidyard, Thalmic Labs and many more. The growing tech community has attracted Google and Shopify Plus to also set up shop among the “Northern Silicon Valley”. Waterloo Region is also proud of the wide range of business sectors including insurance, education and advanced manufacturing (to name just a few). It’s this industrial diversity that keeps the community well employed, with a strong economy.

Only a 45 minute drive from Pearson Airport and approximately one hour from Toronto, Waterloo Region is the fourth largest urban population in Ontario, with a 30% lower home prices than the rest of the province. It is also home to three outstanding and innovative post-secondary institutions: University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University and Conestoga College. These institutions breed incredibly smart, driven and prepared individuals, who don’t even have to leave the region to work for their dream company — it’s right in their backyard.

“We believe there’s this future where Waterloo is one of the top cities for technology in the world,” says Ted Livingston, CEO of chat app Kik, Canada’s largest homegrown social media company, headquartered in Waterloo. “Right now, for those of us inside, that’s already true.” Waterloo Region has one of the most diverse and dynamic economies in North America, supported by globally renowned talent and a vibrant startup ecosystem. Waterloo Region is inventing the future.

According to Kitchener’s planning agency, 1,300 jobs moved downtown between June 2013 and June 2014. Waterloo Region is one of Canada’s fastest growing regions with almost 600,000 residents and forecasted to grow by 36% over the next 20 years.

Waterloo Region is where things are happening. Where the community is changing. Where people empower people. Where growth happens. Where you could call home. And what better place to call home than Circa 1877, a natural meeting of heritage, culture and innovation?

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