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Total campaign dollars spent leading up to the Wyoming Democratic Caucus

Just days after the Wisconsin primary saw super PAC spending surpass $4 million we’ve revealed dramatically different numbers around how PAC dollars have been spent in the run up to Saturday’s Democratic Caucus in Wyoming. 💸

Support vs opposition spending

Of the money that was spent, 100% of the independent expenditures in the state were aimed in opposition of Clinton.

How do the candidates stack up?

The actual candidates also spent very little when compared to numbers in other parts of the country. It’s interesting to note that Sanders has been outspending Clinton in Wyoming hand-over-fist since the fall of 2015.

Both campaigns have had a minimal presence in the state but the Senator from Vermont has spent almost seven times more than Hillary. Sanders spent just under $7,000, while Clinton spent just over $1000. 💰

Something tells us the dollar figures might be a little larger for New York’s primary on April 19.

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Jon Lewis (CPO at Circa Victor)

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