The next phase of Circa

Matt Galligan
Oct 3, 2014 · 2 min read

Circa began as an idea to fix many of the things we felt were broken about the way news is produced, presented, and consumed. We started our journey with a distinct set of goals and learned more than we could have ever imagined along the way. For almost this entire year we’ve been working hard on doubling down on our core concepts and things that make us unique, culminating with the launch of Circa News 3. We’re entering an exciting new chapter of the company, and today we’re announcing a planned changeover in leadership as we take on our biggest growth phase to date.

On our current editorial leadership structure:

David Cohn has been invaluable as Circa’s Founding Editor and helped the company develop its unique, specialized editorial strategy that has separated Circa from other news organizations. Anthony De Rosa joined Circa’s as Editor-in-Chief about a year and a half ago, with the goal of eventually having him take over Circa’s editorial leadership. Anthony quickly absorbed Circa’s unique approach and benefitted immensely from David’s guidance.

What’s next

Anthony and David both have different, but overlapping, skill sets that have served Circa well. They worked together phenomenally and helped make Circa what it is today and have prepared it for this next phase of the company. With the launch of Circa News 3 and the right opportunity for David presenting itself, that transition can now begin.
The editorial structure of the company going forward is:

  • Anthony leading the company’s editorial vision and goals as Editor in Chief
  • Evan Buxbaum as Deputy Editor, with a particular focus on managing our West Coast editorial operations. Evan was actually our very first intern and helped us shape what Circa’s editorial process would become even before the app launched.
  • Daniel Bentley as Senior Editor and will also interface with John Maloney as Business Development Liaison. Daniel has been with the company since the first version launched.

David will continue with us for a bit of time so as to make sure this transition is as smooth as possible, after which he’ll be taking on an exciting opportunity as an executive with a company that’s trying to reimagine broadcast journalism as we did with written news. We’re stoked for David and look forward to more collaborations in the future.

It’s truly exciting to begin this next phase of our company, as we plan to expand into new categories, further evolve our existing offerings for iPhone and Android, and grow both our editorial and development teams significantly. In fact, we’re hiring for more Staff Editors right now and you can apply here!

We really believe that Circa’s continuing story is one you’ll want to “follow.”

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