The Ultimate Guide to Charity and Charity administration costs

Charitable Impact makes the world better through donations
Charitable Impact makes a better work with Charitable donations at Circle Acts Charity

Here are some of the key points regarding Charity Administration Costs in Canada

  1. Charity Effectiveness and Impact are very important
  2. It costs money to run a charity to do great work. While some smaller charities can be run by volunteers, but larger charities with complex structure requires a more extensive program
  3. More than half of Charity have paid staff
  4. Charities come in all shape and forms, there is no one size fit all model for running a charity. Canadian Charities can be a University, a hospital, an international disaster relief organization, a food bank, or an organization like Circle Acts that aims to maximize donation impact for Canadian Donors.
  5. Canada charities may exercise different type of accounting to administration costs so it is hard to compare apple to apple

Charity Effectiveness and Impact are very important

Charity Costs Money to Run in Canada

Working together to make charitable impact
Charitable Impact is teamwork

Charities have paid staff

There are different types of charity




Circle Acts leads the charitable impact sector by helping donors to make the most impact of their donations

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