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Jan 19, 2019 · 3 min read

2. Choosing The Best International Translation Agency — How To Get Professional Translation For Your Business Documents And Website

In today’s age and time when most businesses are shifting online, the importance of content cannot be denied. It is the key to creating your business’s online presence and getting more and more customers and visitors to your business website. However, with the internet revolution, businesses are now transcending the geographical boundaries and are becoming international, hence, it is equally important to have your business website content and other important documents translated in multiple languages to get better response from your target audience globally. Therefore, you should be careful while choosing which international translation agency to work with. To help you make an informed decision, here’s a rundown of 5 important things you should be looking at with your translation service provider.

1. Language Combinations — Most translation agencies offer a custom quotation for a dedicated package. It is very important to know what language combinations your translation service provider includes in your package. The best way to go about it is to decide your target countries and create a list of languages you would want your website texts and documents translated. And then choose a International Translation Agency which provides those language combinations and includes them in your package deal.

2. Translation Quality — Of course the quality of translation is crucial. While you should be careful about what you’re being charged for, as your business depends a lot on the quality of content, it is recommended that you get native translation for your business texts. Most International Translation Agencies do not provide native translation though they charge at par. Choosing a translation service provider you must check if your translation package promises a native translation for your language combinations. The rates for non-native and machine translations can be up to 60–70% less but you wouldn’t want to risk your content with any sort of content mediocrity.

3. Personalization Of Texts — For your content to perform even when they are translated in other languages it is very important that they are personalised to the taste and standards of the target audience. This requires a certain level of expertise and experience. While choosing your translation service provider you must see if you’re getting personalised end results instead of just literal and plain text translation.

4. Number of Revisions And Edits — Once you have decided to get your business website or other documents translated it is very important to check the number of edits and revisions your translation service provider offers for the price quoted. This is crucial as you may have certain edits and changes made to texts because promoting your content in a different country and culture in a different language always have possibilities of slight basic changes. You should always choose a service provider that offers a minimum of 2 revisions and edit in their professional business plans.

5. Delivery Time and Updates — Another important factor to consider is the delivery time and updates with your translation package. Professional Translation services will offer a dedicated project manager and a timelier update within a pre-defined ETA on your project. Multiple language combination translations require several translators working on one single texts and an experienced project manager makes a lot of difference to avoid any communication gap and getting the translation as per your requirements.

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