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Diversity: The Fail-Safe in Today’s War for Talent

What is diversity? On the surface, it looks like something businesses are scrambling to meet; hard-pressed to comply with contemporary standards of political correctness. On the other hand, my daughters think diversity simply refers to that new collection of Barbie dolls that come in a whole range of skin tones and body shapes (Petite being their favorite: it reminds them of the small but mighty mommy).

While diversity appears to be the buzzword among HR personnel today, some might be going about the approach just for the sake of it; lacking a strong grasp on what it could actually provide for the company.

Being a Talent Acquisition Lead at Circles.Life, I take it upon myself to attain a profound understanding for both the people that I bring on board as talent — their abilities and passions — as well as the pressing business needs of the company. In doing so, I’ve realized that diversity in hiring can really be quite simple, and yet, may reap boundless opportunities for the company to grow in unexpected ways. Here are just some of the insights I’ve gathered on what diversity could mean for your company:

1. Diversity Bridges the Talent Gap

When we look past a candidate’s ethnicity and or gender, we can set our sights on what actually matters — the skill sets that they bring and the ways in which they can thrive within the company’s culture. Merit-based hiring decisions like these create ripple effects: precedents are formed, and collectively, future decisions are made in the same way — without biases. Eventually, this could also lead us to pools of capable individuals with untapped potential, which proves especially critical in a talent crunch industry like Tech.

2. Increased Adaptability with Diverse Individuals

In creating a diverse workforce, we are also building immunity towards dynamic market conditions. By bringing together individuals of varied backgrounds & experiences, we can collaboratively analyze problems through a myriad of cultural and social lenses, which will allow us to conjure solutions that are more prudent and far-sighted.

3. Diversity Drives Creativity and Innovation

A 2017 BCG study had found that diversity was closely tied to boosting innovation efforts. At Circles.Life, one core value that drives us is ‘Be Bold. Dare to Innovate’. As such, our efforts in championing diversity play to that principle, as we believe that the culmination of different ideas, perspectives and opinions will fuel our generation of out-of-the-world products.

4. Diversity is Sexy

Candidates today are simply drawn to diversity. This is especially the case for millennials — a generation collectively raised on the internet — they’re naturally extremely socially connected and aware. And companies better start paying attention, because as of 2020, millennials make up 75% of our workforce. When asked about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, 47% of millennials said it was a priority, as compared to 33% of Gen X-ers and 37% of Baby Boomers. [This seems like an appropriate time for an OK Boomer remark, though really, they’re doing alright… Boomer OK. More like OK Gen X-ers.]

OK sure, diversity seems pretty cool. So now what?

In light of these insights, Circles.Life is taking steps to rev up on diversifying our teams, and ensuring all candidates and employees feel included and welcome. The following is a little breakdown of our process:

First, we identified one key diversity metric to guide our hiring focus: gender equality.

Then, we conducted an audit on our current selection & interviewing process to identify its strengths and challenges.

Further, collaborating with business leaders, we pinpointed several roles in which we required higher female-hires ratios, providing ourselves with a target and timeline. We hope to be able to review these targets in due time and learn from our mistakes retrospectively.

  • Reviewing our hiring processes, we tightened the selection process to ensure that it comprised a more balanced interview panel.
  • The Talent Acquisition team also makes a concerted effort to improve inclusion strategies right from the start of a candidate’s experience in these ways:

(i) re-wording the job description to make it more gender-neutral

(ii) encouraging referrals of minority individuals through special campaigns/events

(iii) offering workplace flexibility with the option to apply for ‘Work From Anywhere Leave’

We also have key sponsors/leaders to acknowledge the importance of diversity hiring in fostering an environment where employees can bring their true selves to work. One such figure is our CTO, Dhanush Hetti, who continuously waves the diversity flag high. This is a sentiment he previously shared:

Circles.Life wants to create a consumer-focused global brand that can uniquely cater to different local nuances in our respective markets. In order to do that, it’s important to start with an inclusive environment in which a diverse team is able to solve specific challenges.

When you create this inclusive environment and hire the right people, you’ll be surprised by the amazing decisions they make.

My priority is setting up an environment in which people feel safe enough to fail and celebrate their mistakes — that’s the only way learning and growth can happen.”

With our thought leaders spearheading the way to making Circles.Life a workplace that flourishes with its diverse talent, the legwork becomes somewhat easier.

If you too are all for making the company a more inclusive environment to work and grow, check out our open roles below:

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