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Welcome to our 2020 Circles Academy Programme!

Picture this: you’re a fresh graduate with minimal working experience, being thrust into your first full-time job upon completing your degree. With coronavirus fears and a recession on top of all that, the perils of adulthood might be coming at you hard and fast. It looks to be all gloom and doom, but as wise men say, there is always a rainbow after the storm. Enter Circles Academy.

You may have seen our exciting LinkedIn announcement on our Circles Academy Graduate Associate Programme. But what is Circles Academy exactly?

It’s Circles.Life’s very own graduate development programme — designed with some of the world’s top software engineers and technology leaders — Circles Academy is instituted to groom high-potential graduates into competent, versatile engineers with knowledge on cutting-edge technologies. By completing this one-year programme that has been carefully scoped, you will gain skills and experiences that are highly valued across the global tech industry. Experience the best of both worlds, learning while you work on high-impact projects in the fast-paced, dynamic environment that is Circles.Life.

Here are just some of the software you will familiarise with:

  • Ruby
  • GoLang
  • ReactJs
  • DBMS techniques

Furthermore, you will get the chance to enhance the range of Circles.Life’s products, taking ownership of your own projects to develop mastery for your craft.

Kelvin Chua, Head of Product R&D and Infrastructure at Circles.Life — an open-source aficionado who loves building and fixing things, and a father of 4 — is one of the masterminds behind this programme.

He is also one of the longest-serving Circles.Lifers, and has been with the company since the very beginning. Seeing how telcos operated and how powerless customers felt against their telco needs fuelled his drive to build Circles.Life to become:

  • a telco that listens to its customers
  • a telco stack which is not vendor-centric and uses open standards
  • a global brand, with a global team

“Circles Academy is a programme that builds the future of the company; where we can potentially train future leaders both in and out of the company,” he says.

“I have always been trying to expose young people to what the open-source community can offer,” he shares. “Big tech companies seal their future by sponsoring kids to learn their tech, but open source companies don’t have the luxury of doing this.”

With Circles Academy, we intend to change this: introducing young engineers to open source technologies early on in their careers. As a young aspiring engineer, be prepared to make the most out of this experience, bombarding the experts with hard-hitting questions in this hands-on learning experience that will set you up for success.

As you might know, Circles.Life takes pride in our mission to give ‘Power Back to the People’. In that same vein, we are now extending our invitation to young aspiring graduates, setting the stage for direct and accelerated learning with experts that nurture and groom — empowering them as they enter a new phase in life.

Have we got you excited? Mark these dates and check what we have in store for you!

Applications are now open and will close on 30 April 2020.

You could be the pioneer batch for the Circles Academy programme! For an opportunity of a lifetime, apply today:



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