Keep the spirits flying high

Once upon a time there was a black ceiling. It was big squarish expanse, crisscrossed by a red lines that looked like the people beneath the ceiling had caught a bit of the night sky in a thick red fishing net and put it up so everyone could look up and imagine the stars. It did it’s ceilingy job of keeping out the rain and the run and the birds while keeping in the cool. It was a good ceiling.

But the people below the ceiling were a bit different. The kind who would look up at a night sky and think — ‘what if’. The kind that revelled in colours and ideas. The dreamers who could also think. They also laughed a lot.

One day, one of the people beneath the ceiling (or one of the TPBTC) had a thought. He wrapped it in a rocket plane and launched it up where it stayed permanently racing away into space.

Watching him the other’s too did the same until very soon the sky was peppered with many ‘what if’s’ in many shapes and colours and sizes. They looked good.

The planes went straight up, or sideways, or upside down. Some even fell back to earth again, where they were picked up and refolded carefully and launched away again. Because that is what you do with thoughts.

Now the black ceiling has some pretty colourful companions and it does not feel so black anymore and even more like a night.

If you want to see it, feel free to step into Fractal and launch your own thought up if you feel like. There is paper.

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