Devlog: Week 9

Multi-tile Pieces and Board Highlight Selection

Hi hi! Another week passes and the work keeps piling up 😬

This week, in particular, was quite tough since another course three of us attend decided to highjack the whole week by scheduling a test for this next Saturday and an essay due the same day. But, nonetheless, we still tried our best to get some work done and push the needle forward!

I had the pleasure of working on something that we’ve been wanting to get right from the start. Multi-tile pieces!

Little Detail here, we now have contact shadows (with a blueish tint) being cast on the board

Some pieces occupy more space than a single tile on the board be it for functional or stylistic reasons, this ramps up the complexity of having the various pieces moving around and being manipulated in a way that is easy and makes sense. With this, the concept of Footprint was born!

Manel began by changing the class to include this new addition and make sure the game logic behind it was sound, intersections, rotation, etc. Then I swooped in and started working on making the editor side of things work too.

This functionality should make it very clear to users when a movement isn’t possible

The highlighting feature you might have seen before now accounts for a piece’s footprint and will even telegraph to the player when the movement they are trying to make is not possible. We can now have pieces with any Tetris-shaped formats that our heart desires! And the highlight visual response works completely automatically to make ends meet.

Rainbow effect. The color is also customizable!

Hope you have a good weekend, Cheers! 😎



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Francisco Nicolau

Francisco Nicolau

I’m a CS Master’s student interested in using all sorts of technology as a medium to challenge myself and express creativity.