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STEM Box update #23 — Chatter’s build and usage guides are online!

Hi everyone,

All Chatter kits have now been shipped, and you should be getting them shortly if you haven’t received them yet. So, we’re sure you’re very excited to build them as soon as possible. :)

As always, we’ve created a very detailed build guide that will help make the assembly process a breeze, and it’s now online.

You can find the build guide at the following link:

Here’s a quick sneak peek of a few assembly steps from the build guide:

Once you’re done assembling, you can immediately start texting and playing around with your Chatters, so be sure to check out the usage guide if you need any help with how to do this.

Find Chatter’s usage guide here:

Stay tuned for more updates as Chatter’s coding guide is coming soon!

- Albert & the CircuitMess team




A team of young talented individuals that are designing and producing fun and educational electronic devices since 2017. And they’re actually good at it.

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Albert Gajšak

Albert Gajšak

CEO of CircuitMess - a small startup designing, manufacturing and producing fun and educational electronic devices

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