Circularise — the only Dutch company — to be the finalist in BASF and Greentown Labs Circularity Challenge

Oct 28, 2019 · 3 min read

We are glad to announce that Circularise is one of the five start-ups to be selected by BASF, one of the world’s leading chemical companies, and Greentown Labs, the largest cleantech incubator in North America, for their Circularity Challenge, a six-month accelerator program designed to advance innovative solutions to enable a circular economy.

Nearly 100 startups from more than 20 countries applied to the Circularity Challenge. After a highly-competitive recruitment and deliberation process, five companies were selected to participate in the accelerator program. Circularise is the only Dutch start-up to become the finalist in the competition.

“Developing sustainable solutions to address global challenges is ingrained in our BASF strategy,” said Peter Eckes, President, Bioscience Research and Regional Research Representative North America at BASF. “By collaborating with these five companies alongside Greentown Labs and our customer Stanley Black & Decker in the Circularity Challenge program, we strive to further sustainable innovation in the circular economy related to plastics, battery materials digital tools.”

The Circularity Challenge is focused on connecting entrepreneurs with mentors, team members, business and technical resources they need to launch or further develop successful ventures with partnership from BASF and support from Stanley Black & Decker.

“We know the circular economy will make an enormous impact not only on the environment but also on value chains, economic growth and the deployment of new innovations,” said Emily Reichert, CEO of Greentown Labs. “We were inspired to see great applications from almost 100 entrepreneurs from around the world and we are excited to support these five selected companies as they progress throughout the program and work alongside experts from BASF.”

All participants in the program will receive:

  • Acceptance into Greentown Launch, a six-month accelerator program for startups at Greentown Labs
  • Partnership with and/or potential investment from BASF by the end of the program
  • Access to select BASF testing capabilities, global technical facilities and expertise
  • Exclusive access to the Greentown Labs and BASF networks
  • Desk space at the Greentown Labs Global Center for Cleantech Innovation
  • Potential access to BASF-sponsored bench in Greentown’s wet lab
  • Potential for joint ISO-standardized eco-efficiency analysis with BASF
  • Opportunity to connect with multiple stakeholders across industries, including BASF customer and special program affiliate Stanley Black & Decker

The Circularity Challenge will feature six two-day workshops to highlight the participants and their industries, BASF’s expertise and industry leadership, along with numerous sessions focused on business and technical guidance for the participating startups. The Circularity Challenge partners will host a culminating event in 2020 to share startup progress, accomplishments and successful results of working closely with BASF, Greentown Labs, and Stanley Black and Decker throughout the program.

Read the press release:


Circularise brings transparency to supply chains and empowers businesses to move towards a circular economy, by enabling them to present information about materials, products and their supply chains in a transparent way without risking privacy. They have recently new partnership with Domo Chemicals and Covestro on a project that aims to set up an open standard for sustainability and transparency in the plastics industry.


Circularise aims to overcome the communication barrier that is limiting the transition to a circular economy with an open, distributed and secure communications protocol based on blockchain technology.


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Accelerating the shift towards a circular economy, by providing value chains with a secure data exchange tool


Circularise aims to overcome the communication barrier that is limiting the transition to a circular economy with an open, distributed and secure communications protocol based on blockchain technology.

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