Circularise took the 1st prize in the ‘The Hague Innovators Challenge’ 2020

Feb 18 · 1 min read

We are proud to announce that Circularise has taken the 1st prize 🏆 in the start-ups category of the annual ‘The Hague Innovators Challenge’ organised by ImpactCity and Gemeente Den Haag. The prize will be allocated to boosting our work in making supply chains transparent and enabling businesses to become more sustainable. #CircularEconomy

About ‘The Hague Innovators Challenge’

As an international city of peace and justice, the municipality of The Hague supports and encourages startups and scale-ups that work on innovations for a better world. With this competition the city of The Hague challenges start-ups and scale-ups to present their innovative ideas for global social issues, as described in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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More on Circularise:


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Accelerating the shift towards a circular economy, by providing value chains with a secure data exchange tool


Circularise aims to overcome the communication barrier that is limiting the transition to a circular economy with an open, distributed and secure communications protocol based on blockchain technology.

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More on Circulareconomy from Circularise

More on Circulareconomy from Circularise

Circularise joining the CES 2020 mission

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