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Design and the circular economy

What is circular design and why is it at the heart of a regenerative future?

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What do we mean by circular design?

Why do we use the term “circular design”?

“If something is not designed in accordance with circular economy principles, it is not professional, responsible design — it is malpractice.” — David Grossman, President 2015–2017, International Council of Design

Why now?

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Getting started on the journey

  • How might we design in a way that addresses ‘user needs’ AND that can work in the long term?
  • How might we create products and services that fit into our (eco)-systems, and become ‘food’ rather than waste and pollution?
  • How might we use design as a force for positive change and address the big challenges of this century, such as climate change and the loss in biodiversity?



Features and thought-leadership on the circular economy

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We work to build a framework for a circular economy that is restorative and regenerative by design.