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Why public sector innovation is the reason your iPhone is so smart

Joe Iles
Joe Iles
Oct 30, 2018 · 1 min read
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Every day, we’re surrounded by technology that we take for granted. GPS, the Internet, barcodes, touchscreens…but how often do we stop to ask where these ideas originate, and how they have been funded and developed?

While we might associate these innovations with cutting-edge tech companies, Mariana Mazzucato says it’s actually the state that we have to thank.

Mazzucato is on a myth-busting mission. She’s challenging the widespread belief that the private sector is fast-paced, exciting and innovative, while the public sector is slow, stuffy and bureaucratic. She says that many of our most popular examples of innovation today started with funding and focus from public sector institutions, and that we should embrace the critical role that they play in delivering positive innovation and solutions.

To hear the full story, check out Mariana Mazzucato’s talk from Summit 2018:

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