Stephen Miller
Mar 30, 2018 · 2 min read

Cybersecurity students at Merritt College are making waves in and out of the classroom.

On March 10th, nine students in the CodePath course participated in a two-hour competition open to the eight universities currently participating in the Facebook/CodePath Cybersecurity University, a 12-week course focused on offensive attacks and penetration testing. The event was designed to provide metrics for the development and success of students in the nation-wide program through multiple-choice and hands-on challenges from a range of cybersecurity topics. We’re proud to say Merritt’s students are ranking high.

Out of 76 participants, including both students and professors from seven universities across the country, five Merritt students placed within the Top 20. Their rankings can be seen below:

6. Noah Newdorf, Merritt College
11. Sarah Cox, Merritt College
12. Kevin Simmons, Merritt College
14. Stephen Miller, Merritt College
18. Ammar Smaili, Merritt College

Their performances are a testament to the hard work Merritt students have been doing in the CISE Security Program. Furthermore, Merritt has the distinction of being the only two-year school in the CodePath program. All other participants came from four-year schools, some of which offer the CodePath course as a 3-unit class for upperclassmen. Even with these differences Merritt students are accomplishing great things.

We are thrilled to see our students’ efforts already paying off, and look forward to seeing even better performances in classrooms, competitions, and beyond.

For more information about the CISE Security Program at Merritt College visit: and

To learn more about CodePath visit:

CISE Security Program at Merritt College

Our Degree Program Turns Students into Cybersecurity Professionals

Stephen Miller

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CISE Security Program at Merritt College

Our Degree Program Turns Students into Cybersecurity Professionals

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