CISO Secrets: Delivering Consistent Infosec Value With Security Commits

A CISO shares his secrets to cyber security professionals and cyber nerds of how to consistently deliver infosec program value using security commits.

This video isn’t a re-hash of agile but a completely new approach to prioritizing cyber security work items so the most important program building items are delivered consistently and then communicating those items in a way that builds credibility and trust with executives and board members as well as more broadly across the infosec program.

In this video, you’ll learn the following:

● How current conversational approaches for setting expectations with executives can be improved
● Why a simpler, more pragmatic approach is needed for prioritization of infosec work items
● A new way to think about and communicate infosec commitments
● A new model that supports reliable quarterly delivery of infosec commits
● Four examples of how to communicate the progress and status of security commits


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This channel exists to help CISOs, BISOs, and senior infosec practitioners grow and mature their programs.

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Opinionated Security

Opinionated Security

Tony Grey * CISO for an insurance company * grew team from 3 to 22 * led large software teams at Microsoft * blogs about cyber leadership & program development

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