Don’t Make This CISO Rookie Mistake!!

If you are a senior infosec practitioner or a cyber security leader, you may be making a key CISO rookie mistake no matter how long you’ve been in your role.

In this 11th opinionated security podcast episode, we’ll examine this CISO rookie mistake and also outline 6 key actions that CISOs and other senior cyber security leaders can take to avoid making the mistake. In short, the things that got you here aren’t always the things that will make you an effective CISO.

Hopefully, this video can add value to how senior cyber proactitioners think about their leadership within their cyber programs.




This channel exists to help CISOs, BISOs, and senior infosec practitioners grow and mature their programs.

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Opinionated Security

Opinionated Security

Tony Grey * CISO for an insurance company * grew team from 3 to 22 * led large software teams at Microsoft * blogs about cyber leadership & program development

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