Measuring Cyber Program Success: Cyber Threat Intelligence

It’s time to turn measurement of complex programs like Cyber Threat Intelligence on its head so the metrics and KPIs are useful and actionable by more than cyber threat intel practitioners. We need to measure cyber threat intel in a way that is useful to executives and board members as well as more broadly across the infosec program.

This video is the first in a series that attempts to rethink metrics, KPIs, and program views across cyber security programs. This video is geared to senior cyber leaders, threat intel practitioners, and infosec professionals that already have at least a basic level understanding of the threat intel cycle and want to push their boundaries beyond them in terms of measurement and easiily understandable executive level conversation.

In this video, you’ll learn the foillowing:

● Why being program driven vs activity driven leads to more clear outcomes
● Why the threat intelligence cycle isn’t likely the best model to articulate or measure your threat intel program
● How a simplified threat intel narrative leads to success indicators
● How to build threat intelligence program level measures
● How to build executive level cyber threat intel measures





This channel exists to help CISOs, BISOs, and senior infosec practitioners grow and mature their programs.

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