10 Biggest Choke Jobs in NFL History

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I felt this article would be quite fitting, considering the namesake. There have been some hilariously bad chokes, from players to teams to entire organizations. This is not meant to be super serious so sit back, laugh a little, and pray that your favorite team does not make the mistakes that these teams did. (I have nothing against the players and teams in this article, except for the Patriots)

10. Dez Bryant

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If you have ever met a Cowboys fan, you have probably made them very familiar with a certain phrase: “Dez dropped it”. It was the 2015 divisional round of the NFC playoffs. The Packers led the Cowboys 26–21 late in the 4th. The Cowboys were driving, and on a crucial fourth and two, Romo chucked it up to Dez, and it looked like an incredible catch that would put the Cowboys at the one yard line. Unfortunately, the catch was ruled incomplete, due to the ball hitting the ground while falling, ruling it incomplete. This is ok though, because if he had caught this, we would potentially lose out on two incredible chokes (hint-hint).

9. Brandon Bostick

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Back to the 2015 NFL playoffs. The Packers led the Seahawks 19–14, and the Seahawks attempted an onside kick. Now all the packers had to do to win was recover it. The kick was not great; it skied high right into the hands of Brandon Bostick. Seems like a Packers win right? Wrong. What followed turned Bostick into the “most hated man in Wisconsin”. He dropped the ball, allowing the Seahawks to recover, and win the game in overtime. What is Brandon’s favorite candy? Butterfingers!

8. Blair Walsh.

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Blair Walsh. Gary Anderson. What’s the difference? Walsh missed a 27, yes TWENTY SEVEN yard field goal to win the 2016 NFC wild card game for the Vikings. The game was a nail biter with little offense, finishing with a score of 10–9. The fact that Walsh nailed a 47 and 43 yard field goal in the freezing cold makes this all the more hilarious. I would bet money that George Blanda could make that field goal right now, even though he has been dead for 7 years.

7. Replacement referees

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Now yes, I know this is not a player or team, but I feel this is worth of the list due to how awful it truly was. Most NFL fans will cringe at the sound of the infamous “Fail Mary” game. It was Monday Night Football; the Seahawks bested the packers 14–12 on one of the worst chokes by a referee in the history of sports. Russell Wilson turned into the hail mary king, scoring on the final play. But the thing is, Golden Tate did not even catch it! M.D. Jennings intercepted the pass. One ref ruled touchdown, one ruled interception. The Packers refused to come onto the field for the extra point. For all of our sake, replacement refs, please stay at Foot Locker

6. Kansas City Chiefs

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To start the third quarter, Andrew Luck threw an interception, giving the Chiefs a 28 point lead in the third quarter. What followed was the second largest comeback in NFL history. Remember this was a comeback led by a Colts defense that your local pee wee football team could score on, and an offensive line that Stephen Hawking could get through, but the Chiefs did not seem to care, giving up their huge lead and losing the wild card game, 45–44. And the last Colts touchdown came on an Andrew Luck fumble that he recovered and scored on!. How brutal.

5. Seattle Seahawks

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Under two minutes left in the super bowl. Jermaine Kearse has just made one of the most incredible catches ever seen, kicking it up to himself. The Seahawks are down one score, and inside the 5 yard line. They ended up at the one yard line. Now remember kids, the Seahawks have arguably the best power back in NFL history in Marshawn Lynch. Any dad playing Madden with their kid could easily ask madden and run it right up the gut. If a drunk redneck dad can do it, surely a Super Bowl winning NFL coach can too, right? Well, they passed and got picked off by nobody Malcolm Butler, leading to a Patriots victory. Next time just ask Madden Pete, nobody will judge you.

4. Cleveland Browns organization.

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The Browns have had a whopping ten top 10 picks since 1999. Sure Joe Thomas and Joe Haden are solid, but that is where the good stuff ends. The Browns have whiffed on just about 80% of these top ten picks, landing studs such as Trent Richardson, Courtney Brown, Tim Couch, Justin Gilbert, Barkevious Mingo, Gerard Warren, and of course, Johnny Football. This season, the Browns are poised to start a 27th quarterback since 1999 in week one. Cleveland, have you ever considered giving LeBron James a call?

3. Atlanta Falcons

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28–3. 28+3=31. The Warriors blew a 3–1 lead in the finals. In the 2017 Super Bowl, the Falcons somehow found a way to comeback from down 25 to win in the first ever overtime Super Bowl. All the Falcons had to do was run the ball. Thats it! But instead of wasting time, they decided to air it out, failed, and allowed Julian Edelman to save Tom Brady’s legacy. All they had to do was execute just for one drive. But they could not. The defense broke as easy as a boy with bone marrow deficiency. Hey, but at least Patriots’ bandwagons ever could enjoy the moment, given they were Falcons fans a mere 30 minutes ago.

2. New England Patriots (Twice!)

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The 2007 Patriots arguably had the best team of all time, and certainly the best offense ever. They came into the super bowl as heavy favorites over the five seeded New York Giants. This should have been a cakewalk for the Pats, but there was one important variable this year. The Patriots were not cheating! Yes, the first super bowl loss for Tom Brady was cheating free. Fueled by an other-worldly catch by David Tyree. They lost to the Giants 17–14 in a game where Rex Grossman surely could have led the best team ever to victory. And to make it all the worst, they lost to the Giants again in 2011. But Tom Brady is still the goat, right Pats “fans”?

  1. Buffalo Bills
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In true Miami Heat big three fashion, the Buffalo Bills lost in not one, not two, not three, but FOUR STRAIGHT SUPER BOWLS. From 1990–1993, the Bills reached 4 super bowls. From 1990–1993, the Bills lost in 4 super bowls. The Bills certainly had the team to win it all, led by stars Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas. In 1990, they lost on a missed field goal 20–19 to the Giants. The Bills lost to their next three opponents by double digits each time, capped off with an embarrassing 1992 loss 52–17 to the Cowboys. The only reason the Cowboys did not break the record for most point in a Super Bowl is due to Leon Lett’s early celebration. The Bills have the crown for the choke of all chokes, and will be difficult for any NFL team to replicate in the future.

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