Danny Ainge, and the disappointing Boston Celtics

Danny Ainge, one of the most respected General Managers in the NBA. He has made a few great trades over his tenure with the Celtics, including the robbing of the Nets for four first rounders (2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018). As well as the Suns which Ainge traded Marcus Thornton, and the Cavs 2016 first-rounder, for Isaiah Thomas.

Jimmy Butler averaged 24.8 PPG, and 7.3 RPG this season

Ainge tried to make a similar move this trade deadline when he could have traded for stars such as DeMarcus Cousins (27 PPG and 11 RPG) Paul George(28 PPG, and 8.8 RPG) and Jimmy Butler. Instead of making a move Ainge stayed put with the team he had. This was a huge mistake and Ainge knows it, as the Celtics have a major hole on their roster. The Celtics have no true presence inside.

Ainge decided to not make a trade because, he doesn’t want to trade Jae Crowder. Yep, the same Jae Crowder who got 70 dropped on him. Crowder averaged 13 points in 35 minutes as well as being a good defender. I understand why you want on your team but, he is only six foot six. That is the size of the typically shooting guard. They already have Bradley who is also a great defender who can only cover guards. This puts them at a huge disadvantage as not only do they struggle with size down low they struggle with size throughout their lineup. Keep in mind that they also drafted Jaylen Brown who at the minimum he will be the same player as Crowder.

Even if they didn’t make a big trade, they still had other options to make improvements to their roster and did nothing. They could have traded for Serge Ibaka who averaged 14 points, and 7.6 rebounds in 24 minutes this season. Ibaka was traded to Toronto for Terrence Ross, and the Raptors first rounder. The Celtics could have traded for him for Amir Johnson/Crowder and a first. That little for a huge piece and they passed. They could have even keep all of their pieces and signed Andrew Bogut in free agency who also fits the player the Celtics are missing.

So you may ask why did the Celtics not do anything? The answer is I have no idea, though I am not a GM like Ainge who knows much more about basketball than I do, it doesn’t make sense to me at all.