(Possibly) the best Organization in sports

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The Spurs always somehow find a way to stay under the radar when they’re dominating, and while people acknowledge them from time to time, it’s not always actually about how good they are. When the Spurs beat the Warriors, it stayed hyped for about a week and then people forgot. The Spurs being good has almost become a yearly tradition that people are getting numb to. In this article I’m going to explain why the Spurs are the perfect example of how a organization should be run.

Let’s start with the team owner, Mr. Peter Holt, Peter Holt has been the perfect owner for this team and for Gregg Popovich in particular. Popovich even said how Holt has had faith in him since the beginning and has trusted even during the harder times. Holt has also given the GM R.C. Buford a lot of freedom, cause San Antonio doesn’t always chase the big players, but the perfect glue players who will fit their roles. Look at Danny Green, Danny didn’t play a lot on an abysmal Cavaliers team, then came to the Spurs and nearly won Finals MVP in 2014. The type of investment the Spurs make with these players is the reason why some of these players stay and take pay cuts, because when a franchise cares about its player, they tend to care for the franchise and are willing to make sacrifices for them. The Spurs also show how much they care about their players by resting them to keep them healthy. A good example of this is Tim Duncan, who had such a long career because Pop rested him and kept from getting fatigued early and getting injured. The Spurs also build around the players who they draft, the most recent big free agent signing was LaMarcus Aldridge, and that’s the only real big one these past 17 years. They not only have not missed the Playoffs since the 1996–1997 season, but not had a season below 50 wins (not including the lockout shortened season). The Spurs have won a championship each of the past 3 decades, 5 total, which is more than some franchises have for as long as they have been around. The Spurs in these past seasons with pop have also not lost more than 5 straight, that’s pretty ridiculous.

The Spurs are one of the most underrated and underappreciated franchises of all time, and possibly the best one of all time.

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