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AGM & Election Results!

Eyre Mamintada
Sep 25, 2018 · 3 min read

Hello everyone! With another year comes yet another Annual General Meeting, where each and every member of CISSA has the opportunity to attend and help shape the future of the club, in addition to sharing the customary boxes and boxes of pizza. Read on to find out what happened and who were elected to the coming year’s committee!

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Raisa and Harrison (our secretary) delivering the current state of CISSA.

The meeting started out strong with our now former president and chairman, Raisa Litchfield, announcing our vast increase in membership (1,309 of you, more than double the amount last year!), our commanding and continuing progress towards an open and diverse membership, and our array of signature events throughout the years, including CodeBrew (our open hackathon) and Catalyst (a hackathon-workshop event, of which we are accepting applications!). Our now former Treasurer, Nguyen Hoa My, also outlined our financial situation as a club (in short: “It’s all good”).

The amendments of our constitution were then ratified by all members in attendance. To learn more about what exactly was changed, you can visit our GitHub repository (specifically, this commit).

Finally, the part everyone was waiting for, the nominations, speeches and elections of the new committee. The race for positions was incredibly competitive this year, with 33 students self-nominating or nominated for committee positions. Our Returning Officer, Ilan Rosen, took many hours counting up all your votes for each of our 11 committee positions. All candidates took their time and showed their passion for the club as well as its visions for the future, making for a very tough competition.

With that said, we’d like to congratulate and welcome the following people elected into the CISSA committee:

  • President: Jonathan Tran
  • Vice President: Michael Manoussakis
  • Secretary: Raj Shee
  • Treasurer: Daniel Sutherland
  • Education Officer: Karl Flores
  • Events Officer: Michelle Anggana
  • Publicity Officer: Eyre Mamintada
  • Industry Liaison: Yao Shi
  • IT Officer: Daryl Wong
  • First Year Representative: Tarra Co
  • Diversity Officer: Grace Sng
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Lastly, our now former IT Officer Stefan Sathianathen showed a piece of the future, with our upcoming CISSA website update, coming soon to browsers near you!

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The CISSA family of events, from left to right: CISSA, Diversity, Hatchery, Catalyst, CodeBrew.

All in all, it was a very successful meeting with many of our members in attendance. Many thanks to all of you who ran for a position and for sharing your vision for a better club. Similarly, thank you very much to all of you who came and cast a vote and for using your voice and rights to shape the future of this club. Most importantly, many thanks to each and everyone of you who became a member and participated in any of our 40 events throughout the past year, for joining us and making CISSA the wonderful, big family it is today.

With that said, there are many more events to come, including our upcoming Catalyst event! To stay ahead of upcoming events and opportunities we offer throughout the year, sign up as a club member (it’s free!) and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


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