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CISSA AGM 2021 — A Year in Review

As 2021 comes to a close, we look back on the year that we’ve had — and what an incredible one it has been here at CISSA! Our AGM was the icing on the cake, summing up the successes of CISSA this year, and giving members a chance to elect our committee for 2022. Read on for more details!

The CISSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Wednesday, September 29th 2021, from 2pm — 4pm AEST. The meeting was kicked off by Andy Jiang, our Returning Officer and now former President, who welcomed us to the AGM.

The attendees ratified our constitution amendments, officially renaming all committee ‘Officers’ to ‘Directors’, and introducing two new roles — Product Director and Hackathons Director.

CISSA’s 2021 AGM in progress.

Next was our President’s Report, wherein Andy covered some of the highlights and successes at CISSA in 2021.

Despite most of the year being online, it’s been a big one! CISSA held 55 events this year, some events reaching up to 300 attendees [plenty of love for our CISSA Exam Revision workshops]. We also virtually held our flagship hackathon, CodeBrew, with tremendous success.

Andy highlighted some new initiatives CISSA has pursued to engage a wider range of students at UniMelb, including our newly launched CISSA Product Community, and our revamped CISSA Discord, which now has 800+ members.

Our former Treasurer, Calvin Ho, then took us through the current financial state of CISSA.

Our fantastic 18 sponsors for CISSA 2021.

We were lucky to receive generous support from our 18 industry sponsors, as well as UMSU and the Faculty of Engineering and IT. The few in-person events we had, such as Industry Connect and DiversiTEA, were thanks to these key partners.

Andrew Shen, the now former Education Officer at CISSA, celebrated our successful Education initiatives at CISSA, which remain at the heart of the club.

We held 18 technical workshops, as well as our popular Exam Revision workshops, ComputeFest (coding workshops for high school students) and the inaugural WinterHack, a way for students to win prizes for their personal projects built over the winter break.

Some of the Education initiatives at CISSA this year.

Lastly, we moved into our election portion of the AGM, giving members the opportunity to give 1 minute speeches and vote for the 2022 committee.

CISSA welcomes our brand new committee for 2022:

  • President: Mustafa Awni
  • Vice President: Daniel Digby
  • Secretary: Kyla Canares
  • Treasurer: Jian Pan
  • Education Director: Prashansa Singh
  • Publicity Director: Thanakon Kimsam
  • Industry Liaison: Zhicheng Ding
  • IT Director: Abrar Yusuf
  • First Year Director: Kasie Wang
  • Events Director: Thomas Robertson
  • Product Director: Callista Low
  • Hackathon Director: Zhirong (Leo) Lin
  • Diversity Director: Not elected

Congratulations to the incoming committee, we can’t wait to see where you take this next chapter for CISSA!

And to our outgoing committee, a huge thank you! Even in uncertain times, your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm made 2021 a remarkable year for CISSA.

The outgoing CISSA 2021 Committee. From left to right: Leo Han, Mustafa Awni, Calvin Ho, Tiana Litchfield, Betty Lin, Andy Jiang, Jade Siang, Andrew Shen (not pictured: Xue Qian, Keith Leonardo)

That’s CISSA’s AGM and 2021 in review, but it doesn’t end here. We still have things to come, like our staple exam revision workshops, plus our Diversity Director role to be filled!

Make sure you stay up to date with what’s coming up at CISSA by signing up to be a member here (it’s free!), or connecting with us on socials such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Discord.

Hope to see you at a CISSA event soon!




The Computing & Information Systems Student Association at the University of Melbourne

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