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Citadel.One Ecosystem Update — March 2021

Comprehensive overview of all news, updates and metrics of the past month.

Citadel.One is proud to introduce its Monthly Ecosystem Update series! In this series, we will discuss how the Citadel.One platform grew, what changes have been made to the services we offer, and how we did in terms of performance overall during March 2021.


We will begin first with the metrics report and important milestones highlights:

Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Over the past month has achieved a lot in terms of growth of our user base and social media community.

We now have more communities around the world as we have begun new Chinese and Russian communities (view the announcement here), and we have equally experienced massive growth on our social media platforms, for example, we hit 1000 followers on Twitter and are still growing!

Platform Updates

Next up, we made a lot of updates to the Citadel.One platform to make the overall experience much more enjoyable.

Here are some changes we made to the platform:

Old Citadel.One sidebar

The new sidebar offers increased functionality and ease of use, with a softer design that is easier on the eyes and more features on display in the same amount of space. Let’s see this update in more details down below. now allows users to create lists of addresses. This includes all the addresses for a particular network which are currently added to the platform.

In addition, now allows users to add tokens to their favourites list for easy access during certain actions. now also allows setting of aliases to all addresses to allow for easier identification: e.g you have a different address for savings and investments, so you can name one “Savings” and name the other “Investments”.

Citadel.One has added support of over 850 ERC-20 tokens.This will allow users to use a variety of tokens on the platform and will remove any possible limitations that were present by the lack of ERC-20 tokens.

Transak has been added as a Citadel.One payment processing partner. Users can now choose between and Transak when looking to buy crypto with cash. This allows for versatility and even more options when a user wants to buy crypto on the platform using fiat.

Users can now select specific timeframes to display their balance history. This allows users to have even more granular control over their account information.

Nodes Updates

This section is for updates concerning nodes.

Here is the full list of nodes:

Citadel.One nodes have had an amazing 99.9% average uptime across all networks.

We recently added an IRIS network node to our list of nodes. (Announcement)
Citadel.One also Integrated with Injective as a Genesis Validator (Article)

We recently updated the following nodes:

Here is a quick run down of the governance decisions taken by

  • Citadel.One voted yes to Cosmos proposal 38 to adopt a liquidity module on cosmos hub. (Announcement)
  • Citadel.One voted yes to Cosmos proposal 41 to allow transferring assets using ISC20 standard on Cosmos hub (Announcement)
  • Citadel.One voted yes on Tezos proposal 43 to upgrade Protocol codenamed “Florence”, which contained many small improvements such as Increasing maximum operation size or gas optimization. (Announcement)
  • Citadel.One voted yes to the Kava 5.1 Upgrade Proposal (View)
  • Citadel.One voted yes to the IRIS Upgrade to irishub v1.1.0 (View)
  • Citadel.One voted yes for IRIS Enable IBC transfers (View)
  • Citadel.One voted yes to Akash Network’ Software Upgrade Proposal (View)

Citadel.One has had a lot of events in the past month. We’ve also been featured in some publications! Here is a quick run-down of all our news and recent events.

  • Citadel.One recently partnered with Injective protocol. Injective protocol is a DeFi service that allows access to limitless DeFi markets with zero barriers. The partnership assigned Citadel.One a core role in the Injective protocol’s Equinox staking. (Announcement)
  • Citadel.One released a sneak peek of a new Secret Network bridge. We have been working hard at building a new Secret Network bridge and SNIP20 tokens. (Announcement)
  • Citadel.One was featured on “Eye on ICON” episode 12. Eye on ICON is a weekly podcast that breaks down the latest innovations in the DeFi sector. (Listen here)
  • released a very helpful video guide showing how to unstake assets. The guide was short but packed with details and has helped a lot of users so far. (Watch here)
  • Citadel.One supported the $SEFI airdrop by Secret Network. Users had to stake $SCRT via the Citadel.One wallet to receive the airdrop. (Announcement)

To collect your $SEFI airdrop please follow the instructions provided below:
Install Keplr Wallet
2. Go to Settings page and export you secret address’s private key (Export Keys Guide)
3. On Keplr Choose “Add existing account” (address) and paste your private key
4. Go to
SEFI page on
5. Claim your SEFI!

Note: SEFI is a SNIP20 token of Secret Network. SNIP20 support is coming to some time around this month.
To be able to view your SEFI on, you will have till integration is complete.
To be able to view SEFI immediately you will need to use Keplr and create a viewing key for it.

We have launched a few networks dedicated pages with the projects’ most significant data, exchanges where they’re listed, key metrics, rewards calculators and guides:


Band Protocol


Secret Network

Check them out!

We were at the top of our game creating content for the month of March. Here’s all the written content we created or were featured in:

About is a non-custodial Proof-of-Stake platform for the management and storage of crypto assets. Users can create public addresses for all supported networks with one seed phrase, connect their Ledger or Trezor device, or import an address generated by another wallet.

The analytical dashboard provides relevant information on wallets’ balances and networks’ main metrics. In, we standardize the semantics, making interactions with the platform as easy as possible. The same goes for network metrics. By using universal terms, we are making it easier for users to understand and compare networks.

One of the main functions of the platform is participation in the PoS consensus — users can stake and delegate their assets, claim rewards, and follow the latest network proposals in the voting tab. offers its users instant cryptocurrency exchange services that allow fast and secure crypto assets swap. It is also possible to buy and sell crypto with a credit or debit card. users can track rewards, withdrawals, transfers, and deposits across all supported networks and add comments to these transactions.

Among PoS platforms, supports BAND network($BAND) Secret Network ($SCRT), Cosmos ($ATOM), ICON ($ICX), IOST, Orbs, and Tezos ($XTZ). We also support Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Tether ($USDT) for our users’ convenience. Mobile and desktop versions, new networks, including Polkadot and Ontology, are scheduled for the upcoming updates. Furthermore, delving into the idea of true decentralization, we envision a decentralized autonomous organization and a genuinely community-owned platform in the nearest future.

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