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Citadel.One Feature Overview: Fiat On-Ramp

Hello and welcome to another article!

In this article, we will be exploring one of Citadel.One’s most useful features: The fiat on ramp.

This feature allows you to buy crypto natively with cash from the CitadelOne interface.

Not a lot of platforms offer fiat on-rams, and this leaves beginners confused as to how they can buy their first cryptocurrencies. However, Citadel.One has thoughtfully included this feature into its extremely detailed feature list, allowing for the ease and convenience in buying crypto directly with fiat.

Citadel.One fiat on-ramp allows you to buy crypto with cash and have it delivered to your mainnet wallet address automatically, without you having to input the address . This feature is especially useful for convenience as it removes a step in the buying process.

Citadel.One allows the following cryptocurrencies to be bought using the on-ramp:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Cosmos ($ATOM)
  • Tether Dollar ($USDT)
  • Tezos ($XTZ)

Citadel.One uses as its payment processor for fiat purchases Moonpay is a very trusted, well-known and established brand with a very good reputation for facilitating fiat-crypto transactions with very little hassle. Citadel.One also uses Transak, an equally trusted payment processor.

It’s really easy to buy crypto with fiat on Citadel.One. Let’s take a brief look at the process:

Step 1 : Log in to your Citadel.One account

If you don’t have a Citadel.One account, we have created a detailed guide on how to create one in no time. Check it out here.

Step 2: : Choose the address you want to top up and click on the “Buy” tab. Fill in the data about the amount you want to buy/spend and click “Next”

Step 3:Check the displayed data and if everything is fine, press the “Confirm” button.

The next step takes you to our payment processor, or Transak. From this menu, you can add your card details and complete the transaction to successfully purchase your crypto through our fiat on-ramp.

Note: If it’s your first purchase, you would have to go through the KYC procedure.

Earlier, we created a very complete and detailed guide on how to buy crypto with cash on Citadel.One, which you can read here.

If there are any issues at all during the process, be sure to contact us on Telegram here, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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A Closer Look into Staking

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The analytical dashboard provides relevant information on wallets’ balances and networks’ main metrics. In, we standardize the semantics, making interactions with the platform as easy as possible. The same goes for network metrics. By using universal terms, we are making it easier for users to understand and compare networks.

One of the main functions of the platform is participation in the PoS consensus — users can stake and delegate their assets, claim rewards, and follow the latest network proposals in the voting tab. offers its users instant cryptocurrency exchange services that allow fast and secure crypto assets swap. It is also possible to buy and sell crypto with a credit or debit card. users can track rewards, withdrawals, transfers, and deposits across all supported networks and add comments to these transactions.

Among PoS platforms, supports BAND network($BAND) Secret Network ($SCRT), Cosmos ($ATOM), ICON ($ICX), IOST, Orbs, and Tezos ($XTZ). We also support Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Tether ($USDT) for our users’ convenience. Mobile and desktop versions, new networks, including Polkadot and Ontology, are scheduled for the upcoming updates. Furthermore, delving into the idea of true decentralization, we envision a decentralized autonomous organization and a genuinely community-owned platform in the nearest future.

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