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Citadel.One Off-chain Proposal #1 XCT Buyback and Burn Overview

We propose to use accrued rewards from DAO Nodes for XCT buyback from Pancakeswap pools and further burn to create positive buying pressure and increase the trading volume on existing exchanges.

Letter from Foundation

List of addresses

To the moment of this proposal is counting 21 nodes in mainnets. All their addresses and balances are public and can be viewed in explorers. From the moment of DAO launch, all those addresses were nullified, meaning that current balances are fully DAO community-owned. You can see them in the list below:

  • Akash — akashvaloper1a4zxtnu9k0zpl6p5hmduc5zz7xrm2dz8vm2ey8
  • Band — bandvaloper10grrhfawl98ypn5x25zmqcp8f20eg9sw56v3e0
  • Cosmos — cosmosvaloper1lzhlnpahvznwfv4jmay2tgaha5kmz5qxerarrl
  • Graph — 0x8d632dfc2454d624910fe982e85a5b15d2ae93c5
  • ICON — hx3aa778e1f00c77d3490e9e625f1f83ed26f90133
  • Injective — injvaloper1hsxaln75wjs033t3spd8a0gawl4jvxawn6v849
  • IOST — citadeldao
  • IRIS — iva12f8cfz4qqtk3qxym94xme5qyqjl3gpw0hv2hs0
  • Juno — junovaloper1lzhlnpahvznwfv4jmay2tgaha5kmz5qx4cuznf
  • Kava — kavavaloper17u9s2fx5htqdsuk78hkfskw9s5g06tzqyl2m8j
  • KiChain — kivaloper1umjuwrcn0vdx6w7nxaemv9s6ds0w860k5nrfyr
  • Oasis — oasis1qzu358mpd4z5frmrq6vnwq87cqfvdmfxh5ax57cj
  • Osmosis — osmovaloper1lzhlnpahvznwfv4jmay2tgaha5kmz5qxwmj9we
  • Persistence — persistencevaloper1tv288tg8fa0a53742949m4swph0x2mfg7jsc22
  • Secret — secretvaloper1x76f2c2cuwa4e3lttjgqeqva0725ftmqvgvfnv
  • StaFi — 33vpeihzksu2HGtYqjNB9aZbrbwfqNsUC4ZAbMMGmKsXtgPo
  • Sentinel — sentvaloper1wmeez9g4tepgfnt66989tf4j2zzfwckfhgy0gh
  • Sifchain — sifvaloper1nh90hjeljehpcmuvu3ldw59842kvhgn286nv8k
  • Tezos — tz1fUyqYH7H4pRHN1roWY17giXhy1RvxjgUV
  • Wanchain — ​​0xa49a146ddf3c4529fd9bb993e6fed9311588a418

Listed nodes currently have over $200M USD total value staked and over $600,000 accrued in rewards from commissions, half of which is going to the community fund and is currently proposed to be used for XCT buyback and burn.

Buyout and burn events

In the case of positive feedback, buyout and burn events will be happening in multiple batches in the period from 15.11.21 to 31.12.21.

In order to avoid front-running DAO Foundation will not disclose the buyout exact time, however will release a detailed report after the process is completed.

How to vote?

This is a soft proposal and will only be discussed on the forum without going on-chain. Our development roadmap is very busy with all the product releases coming till the end of the year. There is no room to integrate a full-scale governance tool into the platform till that time. Once DAO functionality is released, this sort of proposals will be decided on-chain.

You can take part in the vote on our forum by leaving your vote in the comments:

If you have further questions, drop us a message to You can also join our chat in telegram, there is an active discussion of all current updates, as well as round-the-clock support from our managers.

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