Overview: Secret Network

Nov 10, 2020 · 4 min read

Secret Network ($SCRT) Is Now Integrated To Citadel.One

Non-custodial one-seed wallet

Citadel users can create platform-native addresses for all supported networks with one seed phrase. SCRT holders can create multiple addresses — all of them will be managed with a single password. is a non-custodial platform — only users have access to their private keys. Security is our main concern!

Hardware wallets support

Alternatively, there is an opportunity for SCRT holders to connect hard wallets to the interface and enjoy all features of while keeping all assets safe in a hard wallet. Citadel supports all Ledger and Trezor devices.

Other public addresses support

Citadel supports all Secret Network public addresses, even if they were created outside of the platform. Adding them to will give users access to the same analytical functionality as for native addresses.

There is also an option to migrate already existing wallets to using a private key or mnemonic phrase.

Sign up with Social Media

Secret Network users can log in to Citadel wallet with their favourite social media accounts. Citadel supports Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. Twitter and Weibo are in plans, too.

Staking & Multi-node Delegation

One of the Citadel’s core features is participation in PoS consensus of supported networks. Users have the option to stake and delegate their SCRT to contribute to the Secret ecosystem and receive staking rewards. The dashboard is structured to depict the user’s balance of available, staked, and frozen (unbonded) SCRT. In addition the dashboard features received rewards as well as a list of Secret Network validators.

Users can vote for as many validators as they want and allocate their votes proportionally by inputting shares % or the precise SCRT amount they want to delegate.

Multi wallet analytical dashboard

Tracking asset status with graphical metrics and visual statistics is added for SCRT addresses. At your disposal is a built-in explorer with features such as transaction status tracking, reward history, balance changes, chart analytics, network statistics with the potential for additional features to be added in the future.”

Transactions History

Users can track all transactions across multiple networks and wallets. This includes rewards payouts, transfers, and withdrawals Another useful feature is the ability to add comments to transactions.

Analytic Dashboard

Built-in analytics tab, where users can get up-to-date information on the essential network metrics: Yield %, Market cap, Circulating supply, Staking rate, Unbonding period.

Rewards Notifications

Users can set notifications on claimable tokens and non-staked assets.

That’s all for today! In development is a staking guide as well as an overview of the new features for Secret Network users!

Useful Links

Wallet Guide
Secret Network Website
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Secret Chat (Telegram — Eng)
Secret Chat (Telegram — Rus)

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