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DeFi Recap: DEXes

Weekly update, 14th January — 28th January.

Welcome to the DeFi Report curated by team! We picked up 4 leading DeFi projects among decentralized exchanges for you to keep track of the most important governance votes, discussions, and incentives. The general market overview, selected metrics, articles, and hot tweets — it’s time for our DeFi Recap. Let’s get started!

Market Overview

Top-10 DEXs by Trading Value

DEXs Trading Volume (1month)

Total Transactions

Monthly DEX volume grouped by year ($USD)

Gas Cost for Typical Actions at Recent Gas Prices


Uniswap V2

Value Locked:$3.5B
Open votes: none

Featured Article

3 reasons why Uniswap (UNI) token hit a new all-time high above $15
Data from Uniswap shows the DEX’s daily volume is consistently above $400 million since the beginning of 2021 and the metric surged to a new high at $1.3 billion on Jan. 11. This level of volume now places Uniswap in competition with some of the top centralized exchanges in cryptocurrency.

Featured Discussion

Temperature check — Swapmining : Should we incentivize swapping?New model of UNI governance token distribution proposing to incentivize users to utilize Uniswap by distributing a small amount of UNI token depending on the swap value. This incentive however, can bring a number of complications, as one of the forum users suggested.

Featured Tweet


Value Locked: $1.1B

Open Votes: 5

  1. Swap Fee
  2. Decay Period
  3. Referral Reward
  4. Governance Reward
  5. Price Impact Fee

Featured Articles

1inch supports EtherPunk 2021 hackathon by ETHIndia
ETHIndia is bringing together thousands of developers, industry experts, advisors, mentors, and companies to innovate and build decentralized applications with the potential of mass adoption.

1inch is offering 4 challenges with a prize pool of $8000 worth of 1inch tokens!

Featured discussion

End all farming rewards

The author proposes to end all current farming rewards due to a number of reasons such as:

  1. 1inch earns most fees through trade volume and not AMM. If the liquidity on 1inch AMM drops after the farming ends, it will just move to other AMMs and 1inch will route trades through there and STILL EARN THE SAME FEES. Hence, the farming inflation does not bring in any value to the protocol and doesn’t earn any extra fees for 1inch holders.
  2. Continuing farming rewards is not sustainable in the long term.
  3. We are primarily an aggregator, not an AMM. People use 1inch as an aggregator. We get fees for that, not for our liquidity pools.
    …and others.

Featured tweet

Curve Finance

Value Locked: $2.8B
Open Votes: none.

Featured article

Ahead of the Curve#006
The main event of the week was no doubt the launch of cross-asset swaps on Curve. Those new swaps allow anyone to trade across different Curve pools via Synthetix.

Featured Discussion

Add StakeDAO to Smart Wallet Whitelist
Proposal to whitelist StakeDAO CurveYCrvVoter in Curve’s SmartWalletWhitelist contract, which would allow StakeDAO to lock CRV, participate in Curve governance, and build more sophisticated strategies leveraging Curve.

Featured Tweet

Sushi Swap

Value Locked: $2.1B
Open Vote:

Featured Article

SushiSwap TL;DR Roadmap of 2021:
- Franchised Pools
- Double Yield
- K3PR dynamic Yield Rebalancing
- Integrated 1-Click Zap
- New LP Curve Options crowdsourced (not being locked to x * y = k)
- wzdfchsqhwcbgwbuzsgwrsrsldcgifs by Andre, commonly known as #4

Featured Discussion

Collaboration Proposal Badger + UMA + SUSHI
Badger DAO and UMA protocol are collaborating to enable users that have their WBTC/ETH Sushi LP or Badger (Currently about $325M worth) positions staked in the Badger Sett Vaults, to mint synthetic stablecoins (we call them sCLAWS and bCLAWS). We like to partner with Sushiswap for this new product initiative with the purpose of giving Sushi LP’s the ability to borrow against their positions while earning interest. The intention is for this to be the first test of this with subsequent similar launches to follow.

Featured tweet

About is a non-custodial Proof-of-Stake platform for the management and storage of crypto assets. Users can create public addresses for all supported networks with one seed phrase, connect their Ledger or Trezor device, or import an address generated by another wallet.

The analytical dashboard provides relevant information on wallets’ balances and networks’ main metrics. In, we are standardizing the semantics, making interactions with the platform as easy as possible. The same goes for network metrics. By using universal terms, we are making it easier for users to understand and compare networks.

One of the main functions of the platform is participation in the PoS consensus — users can stake and delegate their assets, claim rewards, and follow the latest network proposals in the voting tab. offers its users instant cryptocurrency exchange services that allow fast and secure crypto assets swap, and it is also possible to buy and sell crypto with a credit or debit card. users can track rewards, withdrawals, transfers and deposits across all supported networks and add comments to these transactions.

Among PoS platforms supports Secret Network ($SCRT), Cosmos ($ATOM), ICON ($ICX), IOST, Orbs, and Tezos ($XTZ). For our user’s convenience we also support Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Tether ($USDT). Mobile and desktop versions, new networks, including Polkadot and Band, are scheduled for the upcoming updates. Furthermore, delving into the idea of true decentralization we envision a decentralized autonomous organization and a truly community owned platform in the nearest future.

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-- is a multi-asset non-custodial platform.

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Citadel is a multi-asset non-custodial platform for the management and storage of crypto assets

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