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The IOST Post #1

Biweekly update 30th September — 14th October



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Mainnet Statistics

Mainnet statistics information is taken from
Source: Citadel Instagram

Community Growth Statistics

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In regard to transaction volumes IOST, Ontology, and NEO are steadily increasing quarter on quarter. IOST has gathered $123 million in transaction volumes already. Ontology and NEO were way behind IOST but still, they have generated $1.6 and $12 million respectively.

In February 2019, the IOST team began by developing a reliable DeFi ecosystem base with a crystal goal of building the first public chain with in-built DeFi support. By March 2019, they had optimized IOST decentralized staking mechanism which paved the way for more DeFi experiences. In April 2019, they launched the iUSD and struck a strategic partnership with Force protocol to further enrich on-chain application scenarios. Soon after, the first DEX was launched in May 2019. Of note, IOST forwarded grants to Singapore’s government authority for the creation of interoperability solutions. Learn more about IOST DeFi expansion in the article.

Ecosystem Updates

Platinum Egg Team, a leader in Japan’s blockchain gaming industry, which has released the 2019 blockchain horse racing breeding game “Crypt Derby”, is now integrating IOST smart contracts for the new innovative CrossLink game. Thais game app, live on AppStore and Google Play aims to be an IOST NFT-empowered game for blockchain mass adoption. “CrossLink” is an innovative game that connects reality and the virtual world, offering a completely new gaming experience that combines GPS and games.

IOST Watch had an interesting interview with the CEO of the much talked about RAMP DeFi Lawrence Lim on how RAMP DeFi is planning to change the Decentralized Finance scene.

What do IOST community stand to benefit from RAMPDeFi?

The ability to stake IOST and:

(i) retain ownership of these staked IOST,

(ii) continue to receive staking rewards,

(iii) farm RAMP tokens,

(iv) collateralize a stablecoin from their IOST which can be exchanged for USDT, and then reinvest this USDT into new opportunities to increase their ROI.

Citadel changed the Account Address and Node Name. From now on you can find the node as “” or “citadeldao”. Paradigm (paradigm_cd) is no longer active, and all votes should be redelegated to (citadeldao) — rewards will be distributed from only.

Additionally, Citadel launched daily $IOST rewards payouts

From now on, rewards will be distributed every day at 12am UTC.

It is one of the largest online conferences in Japan to introduce technologies & know-how for creating the future of healthcare. Check the details via the link above.

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