Online panel: 3 ways to face the Covid-19 crisis

This week, we had the opportunity to talk to three experts, from three different cities, about how they are handling different challenges to help cities and communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

From the UK, we had Tom Nutley, CEO of Bico AI. His company provides business intelligence and AI analytics, to shared micromobility services, especially bike-share programs in different cities. He told us the challenges of adapting to a completely different level of usage and mobility in several cities.

From Israel, we had Dr. Hila Oren, CEO of the Tel Aviv Foundation. She told us the different programs of the foundation and Tel Aviv’s municipality to support the most affected communities, with financial support and specific programs for artists and low-income neighborhoods.

And last, we had David Tena, from FabCafe Barcelona. David told us about how a network of volunteers has converted co-working spaces in storage facilities; used 3D printers, and other manufacturing tools to make protection equipment for healthcare workers; provided tablets to connect patients with their families; and now they starting to build much needed ventilators.



"Cities of the Future" provides a platform for experts in different areas, city and community leaders, to share their views and proposals to make cities more efficient, transparent, sustainable and, above all, increase the quality of life of their residents

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