SmartCityLive, this year’s urban innovation event

Fira Barcelona has organized a two-day broadcast event together with Mediapro, a leading TV and media company, also based in Barcelona. Fira and Mediapro are producing SmartCityLive.

According to the organization, SmartCityLive “will have an innovative platform that will broadcast the conferences and presentations of the new event live and with television production, which can also be accessed via a Video-on-Demand system.” adding that “the Mediapro building in the 22@ district in Barcelona, will become a television studio for the creation of live and [Video on Demand] VoD content during the two days the Smart City Live congress lasts. This content will be televised and will be recorded and broadcast using the very latest technology.”

You can read the rest of the article on Cities of the Future:




"Cities of the Future" provides a platform for experts in different areas, city and community leaders, to share their views and proposals to make cities more efficient, transparent, sustainable and, above all, increase the quality of life of their residents

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Pablo Valerio

Tech journalist, engineer. Based in Catalonia, covers international tech events, and Smart Cities. and

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