Bringing Data to Life: Oregon’s Athletic and Outdoor History

Citizen Inc. | Originally published on December 4th, 2015

Following the first test-drive of Citizen’s interactive ecosystem platform within the connected car space, we’ve run across a number of other complex systems that are calling out for a clear, interactive, visual taxonomy.

Enter Oregon’s Athletic and Outdoor industry: a vibrant cluster of large and small companies that sell products and services related to athletic and outdoor endeavors.

Led by Nike, Adidas and Columbia, Oregon’s A&O industry employs more than 15,000 people and contributes $1.5 billion in payroll to the state’s economy. It is also a complicated fabric of companies at all stages of business development that relate to and depend on each other for talent, knowledge share and partnerships.

Last Fall , PDC decided to transform their five-year-old static ecosystem poster into an interactive visual system. Citizen jumped at the chance to apply our platform in a new industry context.

Working in partnership with Oregon Story Board, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the digital storytelling industry in the state, Citizen made the new ecosystem a reality.

We incorporated a massive “flat” database of sectors, sub-sectors and company names into an interactive digital story that tells Oregon’s A&O story to members of the industry as well as affiliates, legislators, customers and potential partners. PDC will also use the infographic to show growth and infrastructure support to companies considering a move to Oregon.

The new A&O ecosystem shows the interdependencies, specialties and time-based evolution of companies in this space. Introduced at PDC’s annual A&O celebration December 3, the ecosystem’s edit function links users to a form where they can adjust their entry or add their company if it’s not yet reflected.

With the A&O sub sectors of apparel, footwear, gear, accessories & bags, cycling, and services providing gravitational orientation, the ecosystem uses innovative web visualization technology to bring Oregon’s robust A&O industry to life for users in and outside of Oregon.

Jenny Moede and Krystal South present Oregon’s A&O Ecosystem at PDC’s 5th Annual A&O Celebration.
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