Enter the Ethereum Economy

I’ve formed a new SF Bay Area Ethereum Meetup, targeted to be accessible for non-developers. It’s called the Ethereum Economy Meetup. The name is a reflection of the various disciplines, outside professions, and related parties who will play an increasingly important role in mainstreaming Ethereum in the coming years.

The focus of the Ethereum Foundation and the thousands of developers working around the world to build out the Ethereum platform is to CONTINUE TO DEVELOP. (They don’t need me to tell them that).

For those of us who believe in decentralization, have committed to the cause as a funder of a particular token, as a career move, or as an evangelist — this is a gathering place to figure out how we can help, compare notes, talk strategy, hear interesting speakers, and network. We are going to need to pull on one another as this thing heats up and the real ride begins.

I absolutely hope and expect developers will attend, but they will be relieved of the obligation to flash their Merkle trees. Who else will attend: potential funders, marketing and PR types, tech policy lobbyists, enthusiasts.

I’m a big fan of the TV show, The West Wing. There is a scene that always stuck with me. President Bartlett, pure as snow, didn’t want to think about his reelection because he was too busy setting policy for the nation. Two of his top lieutenants met privately, shook hands and agreed that they constituted the Committee to Reelect the President.

I’m not a top lieutenant for Ethereum, but all of us together form an entire cabinet of professionals from various disciplines. We will all be needed to advance Ethereum among a larger audience, especially when the real innovations and disruptions hit.

Our first meeting is October 27th from 6:30–8:30 PM at SAP in South San Francisco. In addition to an overview of the Ethereum Economy, our featured speaker will be Martin Köppelmann of Gnosis who will discuss token launch considerations.

Pizza will be served!

Here is where you can sign up:

Note: There are two additional excellent Ethereum Meetups that I’m aware of in the Bay Area: The Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup and the San Francisco Ethereum Developers Meetup. Meetings there cover the gamut of topics both technical and non technical. The Ethereum Economy Meetup is a complement to these groups — providing a broader opportunity to talk about non technical issues with a wider group of investors, professionals and enthusiasts.

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